Zara new Trafaluc woman for summer 2014: latest catalog of the week

After we presented the smiley mirrored sunglasses a few days ago, here we bring what’s new this week proposed by the brand. In this Trafaluc collection Zara offers us women’s clothing in a minimalist style and modern touch for the summer 2014, that becomes even more cool with the fresh and young collection TRF, for a modern and unique look!

Zara new Trafaluc woman for summer 2014 TRF

The brand Zara offers us the new catalog of the week with its exclusive collection Trafaluc for woman spring summer 2014. The brand offers each year as the must-haves that will be worn during the warmer period. The collection features the brand Zara is the most varied. For those who love of classic and simplicity lines of the proposals by Zara; crossover and biker jackets, shorts, jumpsuits, tube dresses, and topwear with a play of transparency, applications and cuts are not to be missed, flared skirts and vests from delicate shades or white, recommended for a woman who likes to dress with a minimalist style. Among others we find leather garments including: jackets, skirts and shorts of various types. Don’t miss also our previous topic; ZARA woman April May 2014 Lookbook collection!

Zara new Trafaluc woman for summer 2014: batwing top

The clothing line of Zara new Trafaluc woman for summer 2014 provides us with trendy chic prints, pastel and classic colors and paler shades, more fashion style for every occasion. If you want to be very charming and glam rock, it is recommended with a black blazer with leather inserts, while women who want to be chic and trendy, they can choose the mini-dress with black polka dots and a bow or short dresses with geometric prints. For those who prefer more masculine and modern look, the brand offers us classic cut men blazer jacket, accompanied by the inevitable and classic white shirt. To complete your style in this season, here Zara smiley mirrored sunglasses for summer 2014!

Zara new Trafaluc woman for summer 2014: tube dress

For younger or those who want to show off a more rakish look, Zara new Trafaluc woman for summer 2014 this week, the brand offers a light shirt with floral prints or a pink shirt with star print. And other interesting proposals are striped and animal print t-shirts that give the collection a wild touch. Inevitable now, mini denim shorts and those from the more muted shades combined with their t-shirts that make us more and more cheeky. Zara, for this season, it has many heads with lines that are always highlighted by the shirts to arrive at skirts. Jeans, leggings and more subdued pastel hues, complete the casual offer of the brand Zara and give us the chance to dress more glamorous and comfortable at every opportunity. The must have collection of the season is the top bands of sequins. Dominant colors and trends for next summer 2014 proposed on Zara New Trafaluc are the pastel shades like emerald green and turquoise.

For the prices of this new catalog, Zara gives a medium prices, you can get the clothing between 17.90 USD to 79.90 USD, check more details at Zara new TRF 2014 collection!

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