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A look at the models in the collection of Zara Kids shoes 2013 2014 makes us want to buy them all, especially those in the line infant and newborn from 3 to 36 months. They are really adorable, trendy and fashionable. But let’s see together the trendiest footwear for our little kids.

Zara shoes collection for kids - Sneaker boot flower pattern leather

The boys from 3 to 36 months,  Zara Kids are already available with the trendiest little boys footwear for any occasions: sporty with the basketball shoe with wool, rubber sole and 60% cow leather (€ 25.95); casual and elegant with the stretch, cow leather and brown rubber sole boots (€ 35.95); understated and trendy moccasin with blue 100% cow leather (€ 29.95), to be like his dad, alternative and trendy with leather basketball shoe in vintage style (€ 25.95),  or the sneaker in two-tone fabric,  sand-colored with red strings, suitable for all budgets (€ 19.95). See the also the collection of Benetton baby autumn winter 2013 2014.

The child 3-36 months proposed by Zara Kids shoes 2013 2014, These trendy little kid’s footwear are comfortable, always give a chic and elegant look while walking on brown leather with floral print and lined inside the basketball shoe (€ 29.95), and you’re wearing the boot in polyurethane with fur and rubber sole (€ 29.95). A real princess is the fashionable gray fibietta ballerina shoes with sweetheart line (€ 19.95) and the star ballet sand color with small gold stars applied over the entire surface (€ 19.95). To create the complete outfit of your little one, discover the catalog Zara Kids clothing autumn winter 2013 2014.

For the age group of 2 to 14 years, especially for the girls, the models are the most original rain boot with all rubber buckles (€ 29.95) the black boot made of polyurethane sole with studs (€29.95) and Slip-on strawberry color Tassels with jewels decoration (€25.95).

For boys, however, we can find the lively two-tone sneaker boots with studs on the back and side zipper (€ 29.95), and the unique woven brown cow leather moccasin (€ 39.95). Also the original desert boot in leather, with leather upholstery goats, rubber sole and printing on the back (€ 45.95).

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