Zara coats 2013 2014: classic elegant line, casual chic and sporty collection

The collection of Zara coats 2013 2014 is very large and offer many ideas and alternatives for every look, outfits and situation. When going to show those who are the most beautiful garments of this collection, we will divide the Zara coats 2013 2014 according to the style that they reflect, dividing them into 3 categories: classic elegant line, casual chic and sporty.

Zara coats 2013 2014 - Square pattern blue marine

We begin with models from classic and elegant opening our parade with a camera head which I love, which is the double-breasted coat,  with wide neck and Korean neck,  with a linear structure with a single button closure, off-white (euro 79, 95). Don’t miss our previous post:  Zara Men’s trends fall winter 2013-2014!

Beautiful coat also as the coat curl shoulder pearl gray wool zip and pockets above the waist (€ 139.99), or model black loop wool cloth, from the shoulder and curled with pockets and zipper (EUR 129,00). Of a different kind the knitted coat with ruffle and zip in gray and with side pockets (€ 79.95).

Keep an eye on the coat lapels belt, remarkable, because hand made ​​with delicate materials such as wool and mulberry silk, mink blend in color and length below the knee (€ 199.00). Remember a masculine look, however, the wool coat fancy  color camel button pockets (€ 139.00), as well as the men’s coat wool study in pastel pink, below the knee length with a 3-button closure and side pockets (199, 00 €). Discover also our previous selection: the Armani coats and Armani Jeans 2013-2014.

Let us now turn to the models more casual chic style of the collection of Zara coats 2013 2014, many of whom you’ll love. As for me, my eyes have taken the form a little heart with jacquard coat with geometric design in black and ecru, particularly because it has a single button under the neck and the front cut round (€ 79.95).

Essential and straight line from the double-breasted woolen fabric coat with black buttons and faux pockets 3 (€ 99.95), perfect to wear with a slim pants and also look trendier to match an elegant dress, just like coats with a classic and elegant style. Check out also our previous topic on Zara women fashion fall winter 2013-2014!

Definitely more austere, but of great impact, is the coat collar buckle color camel in 100% wool, with wide neck height adjustable and zip (139,00 EUR). Returns the masculine look, by the call almost academic, with the coat double-breasted navy blue, medium length and no pockets (€ 129,00).

In the year of the return of black and white geometric designs, jacquard coat after, here’s another beautiful head, which is the ideal hound’s-tooth material coat  in black and ecru with big diamond asymmetric (129,00 EUR). At this selection you’ll find our recommendation on beautiful leather gloves for men and women fall winter 2013-2014.

We conclude with models with a sporty collection of Zara coats 2013 2014, starting with the two-tone coat with hood, with the top dotted black and white and the bottom in wool and other fibers, maxi pockets with zip (139,00 euro).

Here we are in the male world with cap coat belt camel color, with dark wool and mohair (EUR 129,00) and the plaid coat with pockets navy blue (€ 139.00). The coat becomes the alternative with checkered pattern red, white and blue (€ 149.00) and the oversized coat in red and navy blue (€ 119.00).

Sporty, yet trendy, the double-breasted coat printed animal color dark mink (€ 99.95), perfect with jeans or leggings and leather boots. Simple, but effective, the short coat with metal buttons wool, available in black or navy blue (€ 129,00). These are the trends and the most beautiful garments collection offered by Zara coats 2013-2014 to find out more about the Zara brand.

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