Women: things you should know about 80’s fashion style

The 80’s fashion is still booming among men and women until today, it all started through some popular celebrities, glam rock and pop singers become the fashion style icon. The 80’s fashion is still be fancied for nowadays trends since Madonna was crowned to be one of the most popular 80’s fashion and style icons influence many women in the world.

80s fashion - Miss Sixty Magic leather pants

The famous Hollywood celebrities and superstars like Demi Moore, Brooke Shields, Madonna, etc … Rock and Roll musicians and other bands like David Bowie, John Bon Jovi, Mötley Crüe, etc … Also some 80’s models such as Christy Turlington, Stephanie Seymour, etc … They are the pioneers who has been influencing today’s fashion trends that more or less tend to imitate their style, for convenience, we call it “80’s fashion style”. The decades have passed and yet, like any self-respecting trend, fashion is back 80 years ago and shows no signs to leave!

Madonna 80’s fashion was an example, the nice girls are not dressed in some way but it seems that they have been too overwhelmed and distorted by the socks with holes, the big hair bands, skirts layered bracelets and several types of eighties clothing style.

It was an exaggeration in any part of the body, turning point perhaps a little trash, too excessive to be understood but did not spare anybody. And the colors … What are the color trends in 80s fashion? The Paris haute couture teaches us how to be more refined in wearing eighties clothing; a few layers in soft pastel colors, 80s fashion is more and more become popular among men and women but it doesn’t mean without any change. Long live the bright colors!

80’s clothing style

The shirts are usually oversized and tumbling over leggings. It could be t-shirt with white odd print; depictions are from all kinds of video games that are popular in 80’s. T-shirt with the press of Tetris lines can be one of the coolest choices. In addition the sleeves are often looking like bats and many other clothing styles for those who are the 80’s fashion lover that we cannot mention.

The polka dots are one of the main plots. Everything is shot, a shower of dots and big balls are become the trendy prints and patterns in pants, skirts and other accessories! Polka dots not only become a must in the 60’s but it also for the 80’s fashion trends that acquire a dimension of fun colors, you still can find these items easily in some online stores.

Knitwear is not very different from that of today there is only a small detail to make their mark: the shoulder pads! There was knitted military jacket, which he had built within a couple of tight and bulky straps. It also happened to buy them separately in haberdashery and sew them at home by hand from sunlight. Applied everywhere and if you are not you wearing trendy!

I shudder when I think about how you are wearing sweatshirts during the 80’s. How could never occur to those who lived through that decade to combine under the gray flannel plaid shirt? And it is not enough. Today the modern people also have the guts to put the sweatshirt inside the pants! To them there are just the basics!

80’s jeans, trousers and skirts

When it comes to jeans you cannot speak generally, it must be said explicitly Levi’s Strauss 501, the one with the label on the back pocket red, not orange, that was the other models. If you are not wearing a 501 but another model (the other models are also less expensive but still Levi’s)! It must be said at that time there are no female models today. I am not referring to the new jeans, push up models like the Miss Sixty Magic Jeans, and it is referred to the straight jeans without a hint of softness to the masculine forms. They are high-waisted, a little rough if you wear it. So we can say the 80’s jeans are not so much changing until nowadays trends!

Several years ago they called it leggings and now we call it leggings; they never change from generation to generation. The colors are fluorescent and prints could be polka dots, stripes and lame. Some had the bracket, that extra piece of cloth that slips under your foot. There was also the model that ended a few inches above the knee, the model cyclist to speak. Some also had a side strip, between the different colors representing a perfect combination with the green fluorescent fuchsia.

There are not so miniskirts or at least are not stunted. Models are shorter but wider, many layers, so much tulle. We’ve seen some in the fashionable all-female TV series “Sex and the City”; often in fact there are digressions and flashbacks in the roaring 80s glam looks.

80 s shoes and accessories trends

Besides the colorful leg warmers, for the 80’s footwear trends people also wore above-heeled shoes. Leather belts with huge buckles or sashes to match maxi over the mesh when the women, instead of going around with a little bit shabby chic and trendier look.

There are always elastic bands in their hair and big flakes to crown their heads. The bags are minimal as forms but always in fluorescent shades of color and geometric lines.

For the must-have eighties accessories, the necklaces are overlapped without meaning or belief but it was so. Same goes for bracelets and rings are big.

The extra-wide sunglasses are also the trendiest 80s accessories even for today’s eyewear trends, they have all geometric and multicolor details just like those of today. And then there is famous brand like Rayban, the most favored sunglasses with teardrop frame and thin silver or gold.

The eighties footwear designs and styles have not change anything to the shoes trends today. The colorful flat shoes are still demanded. The favorite trademarks are Reebok and Adidas.

80’s look: makeup and hairstyles

The glamorous colors in the 80s are absurd combinations, bright colors, pastel tones are considered as the retro style. The eyes makeup with the bright blue, fuchsia alive, fluorescent yellow and green or shadow bordered up over the eyebrows. The lipstick, described again with pencil, it was usually honeysuckle pink or red. There was still no nail art but of course the ladies of the 80s did not neglect their nails: colored glazes and vigorous nails art were still seen among the 80’s fashion style.

And the hairstyles, you can see the eighties hairstyle for men is backcomb and grooming hair! It’s in the 80s that hairdressers record the boom of women who were also using it. All with curly hair, all with a leonine held by circles.

As you can see there are a few leaders of the 80s clothing, hairstyles, apparels and accessories that become a must for nowadays trends such as colorful leggings, wide sunglasses, colorful bracelets and long necklaces, boots and many others.

And you, what do you want from the legendary 80’s fashion to be your style?

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