Women dresses trends – Twin Set Simona Barbieri spring summer 2013

The fashion collection Twin Set Simona Barbieri spring summer 2013 has a strong character made of overlapping fabrics, neutral colors and simple, smooth lines and femininity that will meet the new trends 2013. In the photo gallery below you can see the catalog of the brand: dresses, jumpsuits, skirts in many colors and much more.

The Pandorine bags-Twin Set Simona Barbieri spring summer 2013

The peak color for the brand Twin Set is the beige, present throughout the summer collection and dresses trends for women, contained in a palette of warm earth that surrounds the many garments in solid colors. Very popular also the pastel colors like pink and yellow. As for the materials, Twin Set Simona Barbieri choose different options silk, cotton, flax and leather accosted with great taste.

Women dresses trends-Twin Set Simona Barbieri color trends 2013

The cardigans and pullovers proposed are large, soft, cotton yarn, almost fluttering on top and matching t-shirt. Some models have delicious applications that create a sober contrast to the smooth top and tight pants. In addition to the slim Capri pants and trendy skinny dark jeans or skirts are made ​​of cotton and long loose skirts in new fantasies and available in various colors.

Women dresses trends-Twin Set Simona Barbieri color trends 2013-picture

The trendy top and mini pleated dress are moved from the folds that are very ladylike vintage and this year we also saw in the spring summer 2013 collection Annarita N.

They come back renewed the fashion and style for the BUCLE jackets, great success of last summer, that Twin Set combines with tops and sweaters that members bring into prominence.

Women dresses trends-Twin Set Simona Barbieri spring summer 2013

Twin Set Simona Barbieri is not only clothing : the catalogs are also new for the summer beachwear, lingerie and accessories. The bags are maxi version handbag, while the shoes are especially low boots, amphibians and rich patterns of studs. It is very roomy and spacious new bags Pandorine The spring summer 2013. For women who love heels sandals, shoes or wedges that cross to the body’s contours they can the best choice.

Now that the outfits you’ve created them, you just have to choose a swimsuit for the beach!

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