Wolford pantyhose spring summer 2014: intriguing collection of the season

Between the modernity, femininity and seduction, the new collection of Wolford pantyhose spring summer 2014 spring is perfect for elegance and charm, and to be fashionable here all proposals Wolford, from hosiery, stockings, leggings to tights.

Wolford pantyhose spring summer 2014: tights collection wolford

We are close to a spring and a very hot summer, for Wolford, the proposals of tights is definitely sexy and intriguing. And then why not use it to your legs like a palette where it can also have some special effects through the use of very glamorous tights? On the Wolford tights collection you can see many natural colors, from sand, beige, coffee and brown and also burgundy, coral and black that always gives timeless and elegant touch. Do not miss also our selection of Fendi women’s beachwear collection SS 13-14 for your Holiday!

The proposals of the new collection Wolford pantyhose spring summer 2014

Wolford pantyhose spring summer 2014: Bootlace hosiery

Here the Wolford stockings SS’14 collection becomes an extension to wear with the shoe in order to have a unique effect and to look more glam during the hot season 2014. Just change shoes and there is renewed immediately. To underline the decorations that are at the base of the foot, both with effect took very valuable or just a glamour optical illusion effect also braided laces that go back to the whole leg. Looking for the most hot bodysuits, briefs, thongs or bras? The Oysho collection spring summer 2014 comes with seductive details.

Wolford pantyhose spring summer 2014: Natale tights

The transparent comfortable material combined with various patterns, Wolford pantyhose spring summer 2014 proposed for every woman who wants to have elegant look both in the office or daily use, you can choose from the polka dot, diamond and square patterns merge with the transparencies, the effect is unique and unrepeatable, designed to wrap and snug that gives beauty to the leg.

Wolford pantyhose spring summer 2014: Baloo leopard tights

And what about the price of Wolford legwear? The available price is ranging from $ 370 to 55 depending on the type, material and size. Have found exclusive gift ideas for the next Valentine Day? Here Pandora jewelry spring summer 2014.

Here on the pictures gallery you can browse all the previews of Wolford tights collection spring-summer 2014 including leggings, hosiery or tights, the colorful polka dots, or a netting with round holes or the Greek follows the outer side of the leg in shades of light clear very elegant for the day.

As for the evening on black rhinestones arranged like a bright starry sky that date back from the ankle upwards. To look more glam and sexy, here are the leopard pattern tights with convenient woven material, for those who feel in the urban jungle. If you want to have sporty look, here is the Parisian polka dot plot or Scottish that you can also use over other tights for a cheeky effect.

Stay tuned to follow our selection of the latest accessories, costumes and outfits presented by the prominent fashion brands dedicated to catalog and collection trends of the year.

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