Wedding Dresses 2014 signed by Aimée: the pre collection focuses on the three colors

The wedding dresses 2014 Aimée presents on the three shades of gold: white, pink and gold. The collection of pre-wedding dresses 2014 has plenty to offer sumptuous and princely.

Elegant Aimee pre-wedding dresses 2014 collection

Aimée is one of the most prestigious brands in terms of wedding dresses and its collections are always very luxurious in various styles and designs. For the next season, the luxury is represented by three colors of gold in three distinct lines: a more classic imprinted on white, this wedding dress is in golden embroidery and the last is pink. This beautiful and interesting news is dedicated to the 2014 bride who can choose from a wide range of real wedding princesses’ dress.

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If the white line of wedding dresses 2014 Aimée is mainly characterized by lace and embroidery, the other two also are enriched by hints of color. The models which can be seen within our photo gallery at the end of the article are for the most part A-line with various lengths design. The decorations that integrate these shades of gold and pink lace and embroidery are going to match the skirt, the elegant bustier or even just accessories are included depending on the model.

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You can also look to Aimee pre-wedding dresses 2013 pink and black princely collection. The particular interest will be the pink clothes that is designed to bathe the bride in a delicate dream wedding dress. The magnificence of the pink gown with bodice and gold lace and black bows romantic profile that cover the back half naked and curl especially is designed with the feathers on the back? The models with various choices of styles and designs in this collection of pre-wedding 2014 signed by Aimée are the most elegant choice, take a closer look to every outfit in the photo gallery below.

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