Versace men’s spring summer 2015 collection: original look hot season’s menswear

In Milan came the moment of Versace men’s spring summer 2015 collection that leaves you breathless for the unique style of the brand as is typical of Donatella. Cuba and its colorful and vibrant streets is inspired this new collection of clothing and accessories proposed for the next hot season.

Versace men’s spring summer 2015 at Milan Fashion Show

The new clothing proposed by the Italian designer Donatella Versace on its men’s fashion spring summer 2015 show opens with the complete solid starting from beige, gray, from black to white and then explode in shades of pastel pink, purple or blue raspberry. The golden decorations are a fixed point of the collection that expresses its originality and elegance. After the complete Versace perforated mesh sports jerseys, tops inspired by ancient Rome and fishnet pants playing with see-transforming man into a god old, but dressed in a contemporary way. The wealth of material is expressed in the sophisticated silk crepe or wool of complete or in silk jersey, but there are more classic materials such as leather or denim jackets especially. Discover the pop apparel Moncler spring summer 2015 men’s collection we presented in these days of parades.

Versace men’s spring summer 2015 collection beachwear for men

On the pictures you can see glamour menswear; from trendy formalwear, casual wear to the underwear and beachwear catalog. Men’s spring summer 2015 collection Versace is a really complete that passes from the stylish clothes on the proposals to end the casual beachwear and accessories from the sea. The inspiration comes from Havana with bold colors and tropical prints that are felt immediately on vacation. Not only swimsuits, beach towels, but also used as a sarong and t-shirt to the network on which tower imposingly gold chains. Discover the new collection of clothing and accessories Prada Men’s Spring Summer 2015 we have presented in the past few days.

Stay up-to-date with the current news from the most important catwalks for next season in the section devoted to the Fashion Shows! And see all men’s fashion show on official Versace facebook page.

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