Valentino Men’s Spring Summer 2014 – Black and blue combination

During Paris Fashion Week Valentino men’s fashion has walked for the presentation of the collection spring summer 2014 by combining blue and black outfit and also elegant suits. Check out our article with all the heads of the trendiest collection of images with the aid of the walkway on the catwalk.

Mens Fashion Valentino Spring Summer 2014 - Green coat

A combination that is very much loved or hated, with no middle ground, a must-have for Valentino collection for men spring summer 2014: the blue and black side by side matched and smoothed. The suits presented by Valentino during Paris Fashion Week stage from intense black pants that is repeated in the bottom of the jacket then becoming dark blue in the middle and clears further on his shoulders. This is just one example, the blue and black is also proposed in contrasts less obvious, such as the complete whole blue solved by blacks transparencies.

You can browse the catalog of the collection from Frankie Morello Men’s Spring Summer 2014 staged at the Milan Fashion Week.

The camouflage print is trendy collection for spring summer 2014 Valentino fashion for men. We find it on sweatshirts simple crew neck and pants slightly shiny fabric that the designer combines solid colors burgundy, a simple white t-shirts or shorts beige. See the collection for Giorgio Armani Men’s spring-summer 2014 who marched at Milan Fashion Week.

Catwalk - Mens Fashion Valentino Spring Summer 2014 - Pants

The Valentino shoes man that complement the look of the catwalk of Paris Fashion Week are flip flops, closed leather shoes in dark colors or leather colors, soft style patterns a light canvas, leather shoes and so on. The soft pouch is another glam accessory that cannot miss in the next hot season for the modern men who wears Valentino.

It is all from the catwalks of the most important international fashion show, for women and men who want to find them in this fashion section below.

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