Valentine’s Day 2013: MY ROSE offers the the new “GLAM” jewelry collection

After talking for several weeks of Valentine’s probably all those who wanted to surprise your sweetie with a gift, have already bought what they wanted, but after a few days after Valentine’s Day, of course, not without some laggard.

MyRose Jewelry

Just for those who have not yet bought a gift for his girlfriend and wants to amaze her with something romantic, it can also be a promise of eternal love, I want to talk about the new collection of Glam jewelry signed by MyRose.


The company, particularly in view of Valentine’s Day, has chosen to launch its new line, which consists of jewelry and very special suit at a party so romantic. In fact, you will find pendants and rings white gold hearts, and for those who choose to declare that day, are available whiskers embellished with rhinestones.

MyRose Accessories - Ring

MyRose but is not limited to jewelry offer romantic and beautiful, but as always, he also enjoys to combine it with different outfits and, for that reason, personal page on Facebook, all offers lots of ideas.


Match the jewels chosen outfit is a common practice for many women, including me, but do you think there are no rules when one chooses to wear jewelry?