UGG boots – It’s back in Australia

Designed to keep your feet warm after surfing the cold Australian waters, are now worn at the foot of stars, starlets and women for us every day. Or perhaps the coldest days?

Shoes Trend - Uggs

We are talking about a trend that seems to be eclipsed this season and for those like me who constantly cold feet is a real godsend (even this winter!) Today, we speak of sheepskin boots, the mythical and not very stylish Ugg boots in Australia and their various imitations.

Raise your hand if you bought them last winter does not want to make, you want a sub imitation, either occasionally for the firm, because of fashion.

UGG boots - Trends

These shapeless and not very elegant suede boots outside and warm and opaque (except when it rains) have been part of our put last season and just when I myself thought they were already back here in Australia that I read in one of my fashion favorite magazines “SEVEN WAYS TO WEAR UGG boots“:

So they were back in Australia?

No, of course not.

So now armed with good will and trying to find the mood and put it better, I want to show some combinations that may serve you in the coming months when frost will not grace our feet.

I begin with this outfit “caught” in the network, so wearing UGG boots is not really so bad, right?

A warm colors look, broken by the blue of the bag (and that bag!) That recalls the vintage style of the dress. Mine is full approval! If you want to dare i would try the maxi skirt under a black pleated maybe.

One of the simplest approaches, but never banal is inseparable with our denim that are clear, dark does not matter as long as they are strictly skinny. Glam with fur, easy and comfortable with a white T shirt and long.

UGG boots - Trendy

For those who have legs to scream and not too cold, the council without socks. With a denim skirt and sweater maybe, to be more teenagers. With a dress and blazer neutral tones to be more professional.

I highly recommend this combination is recommended for those who have slender legs and slender enough, otherwise the effect of “exporting” will be immediate and not at all fashion / glam!

The combination of simple and classic? With ultra opaque black stockings, or even knit in neutral colors. Worn with maxi mesh members and socks that emerge from boots.

UGG boots - Shoes Trend

Here is one of strange ways, but the effect guaranteed foot wearing or like UGG boots. We can use skinny blacks, opaque, spotted, provided they have the second skin and then go with a dress shirt and we’re ready to go out with a few degrees below zero.

This is the most wrong, in my opinion!

Never more wrong, even if it is ultra thin. Sheepskin boots with 40 °, shorts and a tank top. What’s more anachronistic?

No, no… my girls do not approve that, and you?