Men’s hairstyles tips: Trendier haircuts for men with thinning hair

What are the trendier haircuts for men with thinning hair? The choice of a suitable hairstyle is based on several factors: your face shape, hair texture, their shape, the presence of natural waves and density. In the case of scattered hair, the main feature of which is to take into account the low amount of hairs per square centimeter, namely their “low density”.

Trendier haircuts for men with thinning hair

In the presence of low density, the objective is to styling the hair so as to realize a seemingly thicker hair and with more hair. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to add volume with curls and scaling, or for simpler you can take the trendy haircuts, but for the best results you should match the haircut to the shape of your face. If your hair is already wavy just add a cut climbed, which give vitality and fullness to the hair and give the impression of having a greater number of hair. For women, take a look also at our beauty tips: natural hair straightening with coconut, milk and lemon!

Treatment and Hair Care For Men with Thinning Hair

Also to make trendier haircuts for men with thinning hair as to catch a glimpse of the scalp through the hair, you should consider a lightening treatment that eliminates the contrast between the light color of the skin and the hair. This will help to make the hair appear thicker. Finally, it can be helpful in this respect also the frequent use of volumizing shampoo and conditioner.

However, it is possible that the application relates to the problem of fine hair, namely thin, rather sparse, since these two characteristics are confused with ease. Fine hair indeed appears similar to hair thinning, because in both cases, the result is a flat hair with hair resting limply around her head.

In the case of fine hair, a cut climbed can appear really inelegant, unless the hair scaling is delicate and not very pronounced. Depending on the density of the hair and face shape, a helmet with peaks can generally be an optimal solution for fine hair. In case you want to increase the volume to balance your face shape, you can add curly (permed) and keep the cut flat.

In addition to the products mentioned above; volumizing conditioner and shampoo, there are other products that allow you to add volume and body to hair thinning or fine hair made up. Spray the roots (which help the hair to rise up from the scalp) and serum-based products for strong hair (which gives body to the hair shaft) are both useful in these cases. However, if you want longer lasting results, you can choose a treatment made with permanent curling acid-based. This type of permanent raises the hair shaft and will swell the diameter and can be easily made with large cylinders, an option that allows you to avoid the classic poodle hair. In this way the hair will be stronger and the hair appear thicker and vital. See also our previous hair tips – Remedies against the split ends!

In addition to the genetic causes of hair may grow or become purposes for numerous other reasons with respect to which you can effectively intervene with targeted treatments.

A list of possible causes for thin hair in men includes:

  • Stress or prolonged psycho-physical tensions. They can trigger the production of excess sebum and oily hair , as well as the production of toxins that impede the process of formation of the hair;
  • Taking drugs for autoimmune diseases. Slows cell proliferation that gives consistency to the hair, but it can also prevent the correct process of expulsion of toxins from the skin. In both cases, the hair grows purposes;
  • Excessive cosmetic treatments. They act primarily on the cuticle (outer layer) of the hair, often to eat it all:
    • permanent tints;
    • straightening;
    • oxygenation;
    • brushing too intense or prolonged;
    • plate;
    • hair dryer too hot and close;
  • Outdoor weathering. Damage the hydro-lipid balance of the skin and ruin the cuticle making the hair thin and dry:
    • Excessive exposure to sunlight;
    • Smog and pollution;
    • Exposure to sea water (salt);
    • Exposure to water swimming pool (chlorine).
  • Chemotherapy. Blocks the activity of the dermal papilla and the process of cell proliferation; the hair that does not fall lose volume, thin and weaken.

To get more fashionable men’s haircuts, see the pictures and ideas of trendier haircuts for men with thinning hair below!

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