Top 4 short haircut trends for summer 2014: choose your own style!

Short haircut trends for summer 2014 have been the trending topics among the hairstyling this season. Spring brings changes, and the desire to change our hair. For us women, a change of the look always starts from hair! Plus it’s a good choice, because among plates and colors of winter, the hair is certainly needed a ‘refresher’, especially to prepare the style for the summer! Then, what are the real trends for hair this summer 2014?

Simple and fun! We can start to analyze what celebrities have shown us, we’ll discover the trends and highlights the line of the chin, with a fringe or tuft embroidery, through the “mullet” by scaling the 80’s hairstyle; long and thin in the neck. Or the new “pixie cut” with a skilful scissor embroideries, it really allows us to conclude styling! And here you can discover all the top 4 short haircut trends for summer 2014!

Pixie Cut

Short haircut trends for summer 2014: Emma & Miley pixie cut

 One of the trendiest haircuts for summer 2014 is the pixie cut. The reason for this little craze is probably exploding the success haircut trends 2014; the pixie cut has encountered among the coolest celebrities, from the very young celebrity Miley Cyrus to the cute look of Emma Watson. The pixie cut is a stylish and sophisticated haircut; it deserves to be “praised” in all its facets. Its uniqueness, unlike other denominations, it adapts perfectly to any type of face by simply adding small details: short fringe bangs, long bangs, short hair sideways. Every face deserves to be exalted but at the same time it is nice to have a header, from time to time. In short, there is a pixie cut for all! Read also our previous topic: Read also our previous topic: haircuts to rejuvenate your look in spring summer 2014!

Mullet Hairdo

Short haircut trends for summer 2014: Rihanna & Scarlett J. mullet hair

This cut has become popular in the 80’s and now revived from the runways. And now you can catch sight of some popular celebrities; Rihanna & Scarlett Johansson hair. It is characterized with long hair in the back and shorter on the top of the head. Fits round and triangular faces, putting in evidence the cheekbones and eyes. Be careful, though, to those who love their hair in order: with its scaling, in fact, the mullet remains virtually always disheveled, as if it were “in order” would lose all its charm…

Bob Haircut

Short haircut trends for summer 2014: Clemence Poesy & Kristen Wiig bob hair

Bob hairstyle is the ideal choice for those who prefer to bet on no extreme short haircut. The cut plays with a good mix of scaling it becomes absolutely irresistible when accompanied by a fringe full and dense. Clemence Poesy & Kristen Wiig have shown us different styles and colors of hair but they have impressive bob hair look. The alternative, easy to manage, high-glam rate, is the short bob and marched, wearing preferably with a deep side parting. For more trendy ideas on hair you cannot miss also the news came from Jean Louis David hair trends spring summer 2014!

Boyish Cut

Short haircut trends for summer 2014: Victoria Beckham boyish haircut

Boyish haircut exploded in September of 2013 but continues to be one of the short cuts peak. Very short, the hair is cut to perfection to allow us to change hairstyle every day. But, be careful! Because short haircut does not mean it put limits to the imagination. You can take a look into the picture of Victoria Beckham boyish haircut above, the great advantage of this cut is just the convenience, it is easy to carry and handle every day and you can create different looks: smooth and bon ton (with the help of the use of the brush), spikes and ridges like a real punk (thanks to use of gel or hair wax), effect disheveled that makes frisky and also more plaster look, with tuft swollen and swab on the inside and vaporized with the lacquer.

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