Top 10 brands of eyeglasses frames to choose

Today eyeglasses are more modern than the old days when the only goal was to improve the quality of reading. The top 10 brands of the best eyeglasses frames always throw the novelties. Today young people have two or three frames of different eyeglasses for different event or to match the clothing style and even the hairstyle. If you want to choose the best eyeglasses frames that best suit your style and needs, follow these top 10 brands of eyeglasses frames.

Vogue eyewear ss 2014 Eva Mendesy eyewear

• Vogue: the eyeglasses frames have chrome in light and dark shades and in acetate transparent, colored and dark with applications of precious stones or in various trendy designs. As an icon in fashion, vogue serves people with remarkable personality and who enjoy a unique style. Vogue sunglasses frames are more stylish and expressive.

• Adidas: Adidas is well-known brand for its sportswear, shoes and sunglasses; it has a line of glasses to accompany the athletes and fans in relaxed style. The frames grades by Adidas are mostly chrome and resistant to physical activity. The options in acetate are discrete colors.

• Playboy: the famous brand for its magazines recently launched lines of women’s underwear, sunglasses, eyeglasses and other feminine accessories. The Playboy eyeglasses are bold and creative. It has chrome colored frames, silver, pink, red, white, black, and other various colors. The design features carved designs on the sides of the frames and applications and other accessories and of course the famous Playboy logo bunny.

• Mormaii: original brand of clothing and accessories for surf, Mormaii has stylish eyeglasses frames and modern. Chrome in two colors, black and red, for example, are used by young and the same style of clothing. It features prints and discrete applications, all geared towards the style surfer.

• Ray Ban: Ray Ban becomes famous for several years for its sunglasses. With optimal quality, the frames for eyeglasses are chrome. With a low profile, they are in square model or framework that characterizes the brand, RB 6135.

• Oakley: the Oakley sunglasses follow the same line of the other best eyeglasses frames. Are targeted to athletes and physically active. The frames are in style chrome, silver, black or dark gray, few colored models, but are very sturdy.

• Dolce & Gabbana: the frames of the brand evoke fun and much appreciated by the young fashion lovers. With stylish prints, D&G eyeglasses frames is available in one or two colors, transparent, round or square models, one of the best sunglasses frames brands is aimed at those who have unique style and are not afraid to take chances.

• Prada: Prada is one of popular fashion clothing brand, it has a large variety of sunglasses designs and styles can be in acetate or chrome with colorful prints or colors unique discrete. With this variety, HB caters to diverse audiences, both young and adult entrepreneurs.

• Lacoste: simple and discrete frames, the Lacoste clothing brand is also known and admired by many people, attending a serious public and stylish. Several options are: acetate in neutral colors and discreet chrome.

• Vanilla Chip: the children who love reading comics and drawings, Vanilla Chip is the best choice for them. This eyeglasses brand success its name through a variety choice of the best eyeglasses frames for kids. In the past, children in schools implied and made ​​jokes with those who wore glasses, today it returns for admiration, because of Monica’s frames are sturdy and colorful, for both sexes.

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