Tips to weave a diagonal bands belt with fingers

The texture is very similar in some respects to the processing of cane from which it probably derives, is one of the oldest arts. Through this technique, we can produce fabrics such as scarves, bags, belts and more. With this guide you will learn how to weave a belt diagonal bands with your fingers. Here some tips to make a DIY diagonal bands belt:

tips - diagonal bands belt

1. To weave this diagonal bands belt, you must first cut nine pieces of yarn. Once done, you will have to double each of the nine pieces of yarn and secure it with a knot auction loops. At this point, will have to go to mount the wires in the order of three clear, three average, three dark, in total there will be eighteen wires hanging from the rod.

2. Once you have done this, tie a string around the center of the rod and point it with a safety pin to a pillow. At this point, to avoid that the threads are tangled, each alloy wire, passing the yarn around the thumb, and then around the little finger, then again around the thumb, back and forth following an eight.

3. Once you’ve got six or eight loops, wrap the wire around the center and then tie it. Repeat this for each wire. Now you need to prepare the pitch, raising a finger all the wires and making the same move in the middle of the first wire to the left. Raise now the other set of wires, odd frames, thus preparing the pace for the second weft yarn.

4. Now pulls the wires to push into position the first weft thread and supports the latter over the rod. At this point, do pass the second thread from left to right between the wires open, and then pulls down from the auction the first weft yarn. Once done, the first weft thread is now the first warp yarn to the right. At this point, when you have finished making this operation, you must place the second weft thread on the rod. Once done, you will have to continue until you reach the length you want. Once reached, you must complete the work by stopping the last weft thread with a needle.