Tips to protect a tattoo: simple treatment during this summer

The  tattoo also said,  involves injecting colored pigments into the upper layer of the skin, through the needle, so as to achieve different  artistic creations permanent, formerly used for beautify your body and express and communicate moods, membership to different groups, devotion, courage, inner strength.

Tips to protect a tattoo: simple treatment during this summer

In the last twenty years the tattoo is experiencing a time of great revival and rebirth, shedding, finally, preconceptions and prejudices that surrounded it for centuries.

But at this point we see how to protect them, so that they can be considered an indelible and that will distinguish you from the others. Given that a  tattoo done, the same will be cleaned and disinfected, and then protected with a protective film that protect our tattoo you’ll need to keep for the next 2-4 hours, the result will be placed in your hands, in the sense that it will be up take care of your artistic creation drawn on your body.

Once you at home, and after washing your hands thoroughly to avoid infections, which during the first hours after execution reaches the maximum peak, remove the bandage and wash the tattoo with your fingertips, with warm water only, as the soap alters the pH and removes the layer of sebum which is the natural protection of the skin against external agents.

Wipe dry with a paper towel or a soft cloth. So when he had washed your hands again, apply a light layer of your aftercare product for massaging gently. Do not bandage over the tattoo unless there is a major loss of fluids, or if you attend a dusty environment. Repeat the operations described for 10-12 days and for at least 3-4 times a day, even before bedtime.

 A relieving has occurred and you should keep the skin hydrated, avoid harsh cleansers, and you should always protect your tattoo from the sun with adequate protective creams: the sun is the number one enemy of tattoos.

Simple Remedies for summer: protect your tattoo from the sun!

Tan is unhealthy for our skin, it is no longer a secret, but perhaps do not know that it is even more so for those who have realized the hard way a tattoo. Ultraviolet rays, in fact, if on the one hand give your skin a beautiful complexion, from another life to remove your tattoo: the ink fades and the color becomes opaque.

This is not to say that you have to forget to take the sun, but simply to adopt the measures aimed to ensure that the work, sometimes even painful, to continue to shine and not be damaged over time. Remember t

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