Tips to get a perfect Do It Yourself French manicure

How to make a perfect DIY French manicure? For those who are used to get only the enamel, thinking to draw the lunettes white may seem complex. But it is not. Just only know how to do and what are the steps you need to follow before applying the enamel: of course it is all a matter of steady hand and the first few times the result may not be exactly exciting. Be patient because after a while, without doubt you can practice too to have a perfect and very elegant French manicure!

Black Enamel and lilac

How to do DIY French manicure?

The first thing to do, as if it were a simple manicure is to wash your hands well with a bit of warm water to soften the skin. Then with a special tool, go to retract the skins, it would be best not to cut to avoid infections, then filed your nails. Among the tools for manicure, you should prefer limes hygienic (washable), or cardboard or glass-resin, a metal ones that are likely to break and ruin the nail. The limes in fact cardboard are the most delicate and not risk having to set micro cracks. It is designed with the lime the shape of the nail, which should not be too short to facilitate the design of the bezel white: you can create a boxy or more rounded, depending on your preference. Now, put the glaze or flesh-colored transparent over the entire nail.

How to apply the white lunettes?

Once dried apply the lunettes. The perfume will find the kit for French manicure: it contains two glazes, one of which is white, and adhesives. Take the lunettes and place them in such a way as to leave the last part of the ‘ nail free. The space must be the same for all the fingers. This is the most delicate: do not blame the first few times if your French is not quite perfect, with a little training will become easy. The more experienced will trace a continuous line from one side of the nail: if you are novice you should pat the color of the nail from side to side, trying to keep the line very thin.

The glazes for DIY French manicure

At the end you can move the white enamel in the free position, at the end of the nail. When it is dry, you can raise stickers. Now switch a clear coat to complete the work. Finished! French made! If you want you can also use the Nail art with some decoration to make your French manicure even more special. In fact, the makeup artist in the last period have indulged creating truly exceptional French manicure by mixing different colors and shock, such as pink, purple, green, and blue! You just have to try it!

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