Tips & Ideas for Choosing the Best Sunglasses Shapes & Colors for your Face Type

For women, selecting the perfect frame shapes and colors of eyewear can be difficult if you do not know what you’re looking for. Here on Fashionbashon, we’d like to share some helpful tips and guides to pick the best sunglasses really accentuate your face type.

Best Sunglasses Frames & Colors for Every Face Shape

Choose the perfect shape of sunglasses suits your face

Look at your face and identify which type you are. Each shape is beautiful. The most common are round, oval, hexagonal, rectangular, trapezoidal or oblong, heart-shaped or diamond, and square.

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Round Face

To a round face, choose sunglasses with narrow top to the bottom of the glass part and a little wider from side to side. The best types are the narrow and rectangular shapes while the modern chic geometric designs with a wide variety of frames; oversized models will also look pretty nice; you just have to keep the ratio between the width of the face and of the frame.

Prada Geometric Eyewear for Round Face

Prada Eyewear SPR16R_E2AU_F04M0

Oval Face

You can accentuate the widest part of your face with wider frame (but avoid the oversized models) if you have an oval face. The length of both sides of each lens is wide, giving your form more definitions and angles with perfect natural balance. Wayfarer style is recommended but do not hesitate to try many types of glasses until one is right for you.

Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Denim Sunglass for Oval Face

Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Denim RB2140-14 | 1163/71

Long Face

The elongated faces are narrow, so if the glasses are too wide, the frame will look great. It gives the illusion of a wider face; this is your chance to become dazzling.

Dolce & Gabbana Black Lace Sunglass for Long Face

Dolce & Gabbana Black Lace dg-4191p

It is recommended also to choose a pair of eyeglasses with decorations in the corners side, where the sides are joined to the frame. Try some shine or tacks to give charm and fun, while you can also opt for a little longer one to make your face look shorter mount. Length refers to the frame from top to bottom.

Max Mara C-MASTER Sunglasses for Long Face

Max Mara C-MASTER Sunglasses 3801045106002

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Heart-Shaped Face

People with heart-shaped faces or diamond usually should seek a rimless frame. If you want a glamour accent, try an oversized cat eye or butterfly style with shiny details on top, near the line of the eyebrows. It will define the top half of your face to fit the height of your cheekbones.

Fendi By the Way Cat-Eye Sunglasses for Heart-Shaped Face

Fendi By the Way Cat-Eye Sunglasses FOG231V1PF0U7D

Square Face

Square or rectangular faces have strong angles. Do what you can to minimize those angles being narrow oval-shaped glasses. Thereby soften your features.

Gucci Aviator Ivory Glitter Sunglasses for Square Face

Gucci Aviator Ivory Glitter Sunglasses 326115 I3337 8800

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Tips & Guides for Choosing the perfect eyeglasses colors

Considering the best and proper colors when choosing your favorite eyewear is important. If your lips are ruby ​​red, you can accentuate with glasses that color. You can enhance the color of your eyes by choosing a frame in a similar tone.

If you want to blend the eyeglasses colors to perfectly match your face complexion, choose a beige frame for lighter skin, and light brown to darker skin. Try on different mounts with the neutral color palette to find what is closest to your skin tone.

Red and blue are bold colors that will turn people eyes. The black also doing well, especially with thick frames or cat’s eye. A color like a bright blue or red with a touch of sparkle can really stand out from the crowd.

Tips & Warnings

Every shape of sunglasses frame and whatever colors you select, make sure that when you wear glasses, you feel great. Whether others say it looks good or not, you must like the frame you choose, because you just bear it. Confidence can make anything look good.

Never wear glasses too big or small for your face. The glasses should not contrast with your face shape. The frame should complement your facial features.

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