Tips: How to take care our nails to keep them prettier and healthier

Nails are not just an accessory in our hands to be proud of, they are another part of the body and the most important part is they deserve carefully attention to be always healthier, prettier and softer.

Tips on how to take care our nails to keep them prettier and healthier

Nails are more than an accessory for our hands to look prettier. It is a hard layer made ​​from keratin, among other things, serves to protect our phalanges (the top of the fingers) and to make it easier for us to take things with your fingers.

What’s more, the nails are a kind of barometer that indicates our state of health: if they are strong, tough and have a pink nothing to worry about, whereas if they are brittle and too pale, there may be some disorder should consult a doctor.

In any case, you need to spend a few minutes a week to keep the nails become brittle or that attack problems like fungi. Here we will give some suggestions so you always have a nice nails. See also our previous makeup tips: how to apply semi-permanent polish to nails!

Simple tips on how to take care our nails:

* For starters it is advisable to use good nail clippers and make the cut width to prevent the layers of nail breakage. Once they have the desired length, must be given with a file form, a square form is most desirable, particularly in the case of the foot because thereby avoid ingrown toenails.

* Do not use them as a tool to take off or open things.

* Avoid biting and cut the cuticle because both weaken them and leave them susceptible to infection.

* Moisten often also using tissue and as such deserve the same care you give your skin. Once a week, before bed, heat a little olive oil, apply it on your nails with a cotton swab and put on gloves. You will notice the difference the next day.

* Keep away from acetone-based nail polish remover since it can cause resected.

* If you notice that the leaves yellow enamel, rub them with half a lemon, it will help whiten.

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