Tips – How to apply and choose eyeliner

How to apply eyeliner and take it to your face. Eyeliner is really glamorous and gives us a glimpse of a diva but how difficult it is to apply! The line you are too thick? Too thin? Flickering? Crooked? Do not despair! You will see that with these tips and a little ‘practice you too will be able to draw a perfect line.

Let’s start by saying that there are many types of eyeliner: liquid, gel, cake and compact powder are the essential part to the formulation of the product, but the coverage and the softness of the texture. In fact, with an eyeliner color faded or too dry and pasty will not get good results, although we were extremely careful application!

Another point you should know, maybe it’s the most essential thing, is choosing the right brush. In my opinion, almost never with the applicators of eyeliner is possible to obtain accurate results, especially those made ​​of felt or felt-tip pen which is really hard to get a thin line.  My advice is to buy a brush separately. The best ones are very thin with angled bristles or those in the market there are so many.

Tips - How to apply eyeliner

Start by holding the eye open and look straight ahead. Try not to stretch the eyelid with your finger or the design will be distorted. With the brush drawn before the ‘ outer corner so well decide at what point will end the “tail” (Fig. 1). Do this for both eyes to be sure that then the angle is the same.

Now proceed bringing the stretch towards the inside (fig. 2). It is important that you seek to maintain the same pressure of the brush on the eye: in this way you will avoid the line is crooked or wavy. Lay your hand on the other hand or on the face can help to keep it firmer.

As you approach the inner corner of the eye narrowed the stretch in receiving the ciliary edge higher to finish releasing gently brush (Fig. 3).

In case have remained close to the lashes of the areas without color, fill it with small portions (fig.4).

If we notice any slight imperfection in the line you have drawn you go to correct it with a cotton swab slightly moistened with make-up remover.

Tips - How to apply eyeliner

This is the way I apply eyeliner and I tried to explain in as much detail as possible because it seems a good way and not too difficult. I hope he can were helping in this operation that is definitely not easy! It is applied perfectly if not the first time the result will not be perfect! We need to practice, but you will see that you will become well-versed!  Eyeliner: cosmetics at the same time one of the most loved and most hated by women. When used with skill gives the eyes a touch of glamor everyday, but if you apply loosely, can turn into a disaster. Learn how to apply eyeliner without errors? How to avoid the “mask”? How to enhance your look without overdoing it? How to get a natural makeup and chic at the same time? Just knowing a few simple ground rules.

Tips - How to apply eyeliner

TYPES OF EYELINER – The eyeliner are not all the same. In addition to the numerous shades available on the market, to change, from time to time, are also the formulas and applicators. For the less experienced, which usually have the hand less firm and tend to drool the line, suggest the Kajal Eyeliner, which undermines contains special waxes that can guarantee a high definition in the stroke. Other types of eyeliner, however, have a soft brush end and stretched: they are more difficult to apply the eye and you need to be extremely precise.

Tips - How to apply eyeliner

HOW TO APPLY – The technique of eyeliner application varies depending on the type used and the look you want to achieve. For a natural effect which aims to give depth to the eye, but do not overdo it, you must use a thin brush and outline the entire upper eyelid. Starting from the conjunctiva follow the lash line and finish with an accent on the raised corner of your eye. If you want, finish the work with a little mascara.Se, however, you want to enlarge the eye, take a cue from the make up of the 60s stars. Draw a line, marked but well defined, on the upper eyelid and a thinner below the line of the lashes of the lower eyelid. Extend the two lines and let them come out at you from the corner of the eye. With the help of a brush give a gradient effect to the upper eyelid, using an eyeshadow dark brown or black, and you’re done. In order not to make mistakes, especially during the first few attempts, resting your elbows on a good plan, and always keep on hand a cotton-stick to adjust on the fly burrs. Never pull the eyelid with your fingers spread out while the eyeliner because as soon as you release the skin, this will produce lumps and cracks in the drawn line.

Tips - How to apply and choose eyeliner

Eyeliner ART – The most experienced make-up artists use the eyeliner to create real works of art. Beauty tip has selected for you some examples.