Tips for decorating and choosing awesome nail designs

If you have very weak and brittle nails or even has a habit of biting, the solution is to apply acrylic nails. In this way you will end up the bad habit of taking your fingertip to your mouth. Applying the false nail is much easier than you might imagine. Do you want to know how to proceed? Check out these valuable tips below:

Step by step nail decoration

  1. Prepare your nails can get fake sand, pass the basic primer and two coats of nail polish or false because this will protect your nails and glue.
  2. Next, put a drop of glue on your nail, connect the dummy and press for five seconds. Apply all the other nails and repeat this step. Now, cut and sand it to set the size. Remember that if it gets too large, it is likely to be false product.
  3. When you are the size you want, you can begin to paint normally. Pass two layers of enamel.

The important tips:

Nothing cannot apply instantly on nail, strong adhesive as “superglue” are inadequate to stay in touch with your fingernail. Do not want to weaken them.

For a last longer acrylic nails you can check this advice: When you apply, place your hand on a table and press the nails to avoid blisters. If you are stuck, you can get the dummy for a maximum of three weeks, so be careful when you remove the enamel. Do not rub too much time to pass the cotton in nail polish remover.

Be careful when removing artificial nails: when you take fake nails, natural cure: Sand to dissolve the glue completely and moisturize with cloves oil.

Check these nail decorations:

Nail design with imitation corset, this design will be successful. Do your nails as a “corset”. Also nice, are easy to make.

Leopard Nails: from the latest trend and various models of fashion clothes, then shoes, accessories and now, the nails decoration. Make the nail design does not require effort, the detailed procedure is very simple and can be done by anyone, a professional or not.

Plush Nails: the new wave polish is smooth and plush furnishings. It is a job that not only visually beautiful but also has a texture. Looking for suitable nail designs needs to understand your nail type. Do you want to learn how to do? Try these tips below step by step!

  • Paint, as usual, nails with nail polish color. Allow to dry normally. Give two hands if necessary.
  • Apply the extra brightness or let the painted matte glaze, and then immediately apply the powder to form soft toy.
  • With the wet nail polish, dip your finger in the powder and let it soak.
  • Then tap your finger with the excess powder.
  • In a very delicate slightly tighten, so they stick to the enamel.
  • Allow to dry for about an hour.
  • Wait until it’s completely dry because it will be durable if you apply correctly and wait for the drying time.

Decorate the nails with the help of adhesive tape: put duct tape to decorate your nails is an old well, but still widely used. See these five alternatives to paint and decorate the nails. You will only need small pieces of tape (matte prefer what is thicker and does not tear easily) and enamels from various colors, such as yellow, blue, red, pink, orange, white, black, green, purple, gray and other.

French nails with colorful nail polish to resolve that peeled: see the enamel peeling nails and cornering is very annoying, is not it? Alternatively, to see that the old lady painting on the tip of the nail is not nothing nice. When you are out of time to do her nails again, the solution is to find a good alternative to mask and let the beautiful painting again. Make a Frenchie colored! That’s right! This type of nail decoration is very high and it still gives awesome look after peeling the paint.

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