Tips for combining black dress to get a fabulous look

Black is a color widely used, even for the ease to combine it with several accessories such as bags, belts and shoes. This guide tells you how to build on a piece of black depending on the look you want to show, suggesting what other accessories and make-up which to choose.

Here are some amazing tips and easy steps to get a perfect look when you wear a black dress:

Tips - Elegant black dress with a white belt

1. If you want your look is formal and elegant, black dress is more suitable when combined with a small white belt. You can choose a belt embellished with small designs and ornaments, but be careful not to overdo it! As for the jewels, the ones you wear for a refined style are the necklaces, earrings or bracelets of silver.

Tips - Black jeans with black leather jacket

2. If you search a look sporty, choose a pair of black jeans. Combine them with a white shirt or bright colors shirts. You can also opt for a shirt or black shirt or black leather jacket and then choose a white belt to create a nice contrast between the colors. Pay attention to the color of the bag does not mesh with the pistons. Please note that a striped shirt from several colors goes with a bag in solid colors.

Tips- black dress in office

3. If you wear a black dress in office, especially during important occasions such as job interviews or meetings, choose a fashionable suit, perfectly pressed. Black gives you a certain authority and you should pair it with a trick as minimal as possible, without too much of a color lipsticks access like the red.