The trendiest collection men’s fashion autumn winter 2013 2014

The summer is ending and the stores are already exposed coats and sweaters for the next autumn winter 2013 2014. The summer sale, now, do not treat almost no more good deal and I might as well take us back and find out what are the trends for men’s fashion apparel and accessories fall winter 2013 2014 proposals by the well-known brands for the upcoming cold season.

Prada trench coat for men

The men’s collection autumn winter 2013 2014 for Armani Jeans, the Giorgio Armani line of youth, reveals a sober man, but strong and elegant at the same time, it is able to impress even with classic garments such as leather jacket or shirt in jeans with effect. To know more you can also check the Armani Jeans collection.

Instead, the Prada man presented at men’s fashion shows fall-winter 2013-2014 in Milan, it is an alternative and even a little dandy, but always with style which prefers long coats and jackets in solid bright colors with the neck, or the press to the board. Alternatively, the brand offers short jackets waist height showing cardigans and sweaters perfectly matched the ankle pants, even in shiny texture and bright colors.

What are the new trends for men’s clothing? As usual, you cannot miss the Burberry man in the upcoming season; the brand has made ​​its highlight for the classic trench coat. But even here, there are innovations such as the long jackets with animal prints, waterproof PVC or shiny rubber boots are the trendiest collection for men, the contrast light wool sweater with a print of hearts also can be an awesome choice. Man Burberry is always elegant, classic and understated, even the muted colors of the Bejeweled and olive green. Burberry also offers the red or purple Windsor, or boots with studs and animal print. Hearts and animal print are also the main theme for the woman bags for next autumn-winter, view them here.

To complete the look we think Fratelli Rossetti boot will be the trends for men’s fashion in the next season, with great character, well suited to the must-have for next season: long jackets and explorer trench coats. The models of the Fratelli Rossetti boots are 6, all the Fratelli Rossetti boots recall the Central European leather hammered with double buckles and strings.  It can also be worn with loose buckles to reduce its austerity, but also to accentuate the look shabby-chic men’s fashion that we will see in the upcoming months.

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