The sweater, autumn/winter fashion trend 2012-2013

The sweatshirt, autumn/winter fashion trend 2012-2013
Today the sweater has become fashion trends in clothing and not limited only for sport and sweating. Now the sweatshirt becomes trend for autumn/winter 2012 – 2013. Then, after the podium, it should be worn on your shoulders. Navajo prints, gothic, tiger head with universal and modern look. If you want to find a selection of sweaters autumn/winter 2012-2013, it is the time for Fashionbashon to talk what the trends on this season and it’s all about the sweaters trends on this year!

A Navajo sweater - Leon & Harper

If the sweat was so far confined to sports, it is now the king of trends fashion autumn winter 2012-2013. To follow the style of winter, so it will dust off your style sportswear and a little case modernize.

Asos sweater

Farewell combo t-jogging-basket, fleece comfort to offer a few hours of femininity and fashionable. Worn with a slim leather, a pencil skirt or shorts oversize sweater softens the silhouettes.

popular colors - sweatshirt trends

To adopt the trends, it will play the classic or daring. The fearful opt for the sweatshirt classic gray while the more adventurous will let go with hoodies printed, tiger heads on a various popular colors.

The sweater is certainly suitable to wear with all the apparels and accessories. The classic gray flannel worn with a breastplate that throws blinks. Feet, you keep the pair of sneakers for the gym. Heels or derbies, you opt for women’s shoes.

classic gray flannel worn - fashion trends

Completely dust, the sweat can finally leave the closet without being fingered!