The Other Woman (2014): Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton, Leslie Mann are pictured on Sexy dancing

Kate Upton and Cameron Diaz were swearing to play on the current film project “The Other Woman“. The beach is as warm as their stunning cover, Kate is super sexy and prosperous in an awesome bikini, Cameron glimpse of the shirt underneath a B-side is amazing part. These two models and Hollywood popular celebrities were made ​​marry and having fun giving some very sexy poses.

Kate Upton caught by paparazzi

It’s definitely the most approaching a complete topless scene and the 21 year old supermodel Kate Upton, she was currently contracted on the set of The Other Woman, in the images, which are presumably part of a photoshoot for swimwear, however, you can see all the curves, the neckline is cleverly disguised as a body paint which covers the body.

Kate Upton, the model launched in 2011 by Sports Illustrated swimwear model, on this film she combines two main characteristics for male decidedly lethal stunning curves and look like a cheerleader that adores fans (and advertisers). Could Hollywood forget about her? Of course not, that’s that – after Tower Heist and The Three Stooges – the model has been invited in the cast of The Other Woman, alongside Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann. And with it has just shot a scene that, thanks to photos taken by the paparazzi, she made ​​a fool for internet. The beautiful Kate, in fact, with generous neckline, dance with the Mann startling (at the risk spillover) these are interesting scenes.

Good publicity for a movie that will be released in America before the spring of 2014 and of which we only know that tells the story of a lover and unaware of a betrayed wife who ally to meditate revenge against the clever guy. But before seeing the movie in theaters, to fulfill the expectations, then, you can browse and see the video with some moments between Upton, Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann stolen on the set by paparazzi.

The images of 21-year old supermodel, these top American celebrities whose names have been bounce around the world. She was pictured by paparazzi during the shooting of an important scene – in technical jargon, it’s a dance with Cameron Diaz – but it was not the most important of the whole movie.

The climax scene of The Other Woman

The climax scene of the movie was filmed yesterday, 12 June, in the Hamptons: she’s running in bikini on the beach with slow-motion and zoom on the sterns. There is also a big microphone. Maybe they speak.

The shots of paparazzi who caught the models as they posed in a hot dance with her colleagues (with lots of buttery forms spilling from the corset) the pictures are spreading through the internet and booming. Here are some photos shot on a break, particularly cheerful at the processing of their new movie “The Other Woman“.

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