The latest collection of Zara bags autumn winter 2013 2014

Discover the new collection of bags for women – Zara for next autumn winter 2013 2014: various colors of handbag, shoulder bags and clutches in many trendy variations to explore through our photo gallery.

Pink powder Zara bags - Various prices

The collection of bags Zara autumn winter 2013 2014 is very rich and varied: they are more than 30 pieces that make it up. The colors that will heat up the cold season will be as simple and elegant neutral tones of brown, beige, white and black, pink and pastel blue, red and yellow, and finally the electric blue. Not only but also color block prints such as animal or the combination of different shades of color multicolor models. Discover the Grand Katie Hogan handbags fall winter 2013 2014 in which the protagonist is the pony in zebra print version.

Here you can see the pictures of the clutch bags for women from Zara autumn winter 2013 2014: soft smooth leather, with rigid closure made ​​of giant crystals, rigid printed maxi with wrist and takes effect with a rectangular mirror. Wide selections of women clutch handbags that is suitable for evening and summer events with different styles and trendy. The collection continues with various styles and designs; trunks in color blocks in various shapes embellished with metallic details or buckles. Find the shoes to match the same brand in the Zara shoes collection autumn winter 2013 2014, which anticipate metallic.

Various prices

The bags of Zara collection autumn winter 2013 2014 have prices contained, although made ​​with good quality materials and according to the dictates of fashion. For clutch prices ranging between € 25.00 and € 80.00, while for the more capacious handbag shopper and we are in the price range between € 40,00 and € 100,00. Lower prices so that they approach the possibility of spending many Italian women. In the gallery you will find all the prices reported for each bags model.

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