The 60-70s fashion and the hippie movement

The 60-70s fashion and the hippie movement

How fashion trends today becomes a special thing for men and women even kids fashion is usually presented in a unique performance. Here we will discuss about the transformation of the fashion world. The profusion of different sectors of the economy after the war, including the textile, announces the advent of the consumer society. In the world of fashion, ready-to-wear is booming with the use of synthetic materials such as polyester, acrylic or nylon. Woman is now also active in the life and work as much as men. So, practical clothes, easy are looking to maintain and board. Furthermore, women do not often change outfits and simply renew their wardrobes twice a year. The silhouette becomes flat and geometric in general. Garish colors and jeans are becoming more likely with the hippie movement imported from the United States.

Music has influenced the fashion trends

The first great revolution that knows fashion during these two decades is the invention of the miniskirt in 1962 by the British Mary Quant. We never dared wear a short skirt to previous years. The French fashion designer Andre Courreges, founder of the house Courreges introduced the mini-skirt in the center of his Spring-Summer 1965, in a tapered version of its English cousin. Women adopt it without delay. The miniskirt now symbolizes the liberation of the female body. With the mini skirt, wearing pantyhose first reserved for dancers to popularize and stockings and suspenders are disappearing.

The 60s and 70s style trends using fashion as a means of expression of a lifestyle rather than a personal choice. generation after the baby boomers protested against the war and established a thinking mode and fully offset by the consumer society life. the hippie movement of the hippie movement’s followers live in freedom of manners and thought. This ideology makes no distinction between men and women, both sexes adopt long hair and jewelry with symbols of peace and love.

The dresses code adopt the bright colors and floral prints, and some pieces from the Eastern culture were much appreciated as Indian or Afghan tunic vest. As for shoes, if the hippies could not walk barefoot, if they adopted the sandals. Aside from that, the jeans installs as a basic code of dress. Mary Quant miniskirt is adopted on and door with high vinyl boots or leather when girls do not wear pants with flared legs down, the famous “bell-leg pants “.

It is time to challenge established traditions, even if large houses like Chanel refuse to be influenced by the mini-skirt. Chanel knows still an international success with ambassadors such as Jeanne Moreau or Jackie Kennedy. Worldwide remembers fuschia Chanel in pink color worn by the first lady in Dallas when her husband was murdered live Television November 22, 1963.

The Yves Saint Laurent, after serving in the House of Dior, opened her own couture house in 1961 eponymous. It uses the V line and the time Dior introduced the ready-to-wear in a Haute Couture while respecting the codes of the latter. In 1966, Yves Saint Laurent drew his first tuxedo for women who become the hallmark of the house and will be revisited every year. When the revolution broke out in 1968, the designer is in line with the street. It now requires in its portrayal of women wearing pants in the center of the female attire. Yves Saint Laurent diverts classics such as hunting outfits to suit the city thus the Sahara can be found on the streets of Paris.

In 1971, Yves Saint Laurent diversifying its products and created his first perfume “Rive Gauche“.

In the mid 70s, hippie style is slowing and a new genre was born. It’s disco style also resume the elephant hippie pants leg. With international celebrities such as ABBA or John Travolta, disco fashion is gaining momentum to the chagrin of the hippie fashion. Garish colors such as shades “sun” (orange, yellow and red), apple green and electric blue and the glitz and glamor establish outfit. The era of fashion designers have begun with the opening of fashion houses like Kenzo, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac or Thierry Mugler. As for shoes, men and women adopt platforms.

Then a modern musical movement entered fashion trends: Punk Appeared in the middle of the 70s, the punk ideology claims a much more “hard” for rock. With precursors such as group The clash or the Ramones, punk provides a dress code that is also clean. This is a fashion close to nihilism with torn jeans, T-shirts printed with virulent messages or to effigy of group trends, without forgetting the irokoi hair: hair reduced peak in the middle of the skull and prepared to the extreme, studded bracelets and pins nurses and finally the famous Dr Martens boots. The fashion designer Vivienne Westwood is the first to be shown in punk fashion by opening her fashion shop  in London in 1971.

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