Suspended between the sacred and the profane, the woman inspires Asia

Travel in Asia among the countries with large economic potential. Fashion runs where yearn, drawn from ancient cultures and ethnic groups in an attempt to find new aesthetics, blending original codes.

the woman inspires Asian fashion

Kenzo – designed by the duo Sino-Korean Carol Lim & Humberto Leon – makes a pilgrimage mythological India, Burma and China. Photograph the pinnacles of the temples and the golden domes for its transfer forms and decoration of slim pants and rounded jackets. Print the eyes of the gods of shirtless short. Recreate the friezes of the holy places with trimmings kaleidoscopic, recovered in the archives of the founder Kenzo Takada.

Both gold and a riot of technical materials, processed crocodile effect, to produce clothes quick, suitable for young people who like to mix and are not afraid to venture bodied sandals without socks even in winter. Even when the temperature is below zero, as in the past on the catwalk in the fascinating local disused since 2006 the department store “La Samaritaine.” Where the public were distributed thermal covers.

“It migrates to distant destinations, because in some areas people still dress in clothes extraordinary, endangered, able to turn on the creative imagination of us,” says Ennio Capasa, designer of Costume National, which in China has fallen in love hoods of the square and angular Miao people. But has contaminated with a good dose of black rock and tailoring, referring to casual chic Anita Pallemberg (wife of Keith Richards), a fan of dark bodices with flared baschine and smoking. Three lengths, marked by skirt, pants and jacket. In the front row clapping his mother ninety-six of Yohji Yamamoto. Regular visitor, fond of designer Apulian 83 for two years made practical by style guru Japanese. “She convinced me to write a book about that wonderful time. I did it with joy, will be released soon,” says Capasa, pleased with his volume of memoirs.

Back to the roots for charging energy is a ‘need for many. Everyone does it in his own way. Gaultier emphasizes its origins, parading in space Wagram, because at the beginning brought him luck. In the ballroom where it was filmed a scene from “Last Tango in Paris,” the couturier presented 40 collections of great success. And the day before yesterday, the references to the happy 80’s there were not even on clothing. The models wore fur with tufts punk patchwork, but also small anatomical armor with breasts cone, similar to those created by Gaultier for Madonna. This time, however, are made of soft felt, juxtaposed with “leggings” swaying tassel and gauze skirts. While silk tunics are invaded by Chinese shadows of women in different poses. The everlasting Bogart trench coat, jeans and jackets nail puzzle materials. Feet, shoes with elastic bands, climbing calves like leggings-vice.

The true to the super-chic minimalism, Phoebe Philo for Celine is a study of the classical statues. Focus on the buttocks marble wrapped tight skirts from becoming “godet” from mid-thigh to the calf. Great attention to the exaggerated proportions of white lumpy wool coats with big martingale and sleeves that hide her hands. Between luxury and a touch eccentric flowing clothes mink trimmed petticoat and duster in plastic bags printed with the Scots of the vu ‘cumprà. “Very democratic.”

French spirit a good girl is holding forth from Chloe hymn to short coats, made to lick her bare legs gazelle in discrete dots scattered over skirts and pants illuminated by t-shirt woven with threads of metal and stones. Did not rush the Lebanese woman Kayroutz, able to seduce slowly with slits that open just dancing and mesh slide on the body. The time now is a luxury for the few.