Summer fashion 2013: The transparencies are the trends

Fashion designers have made spectacular fashion trends 2013, especially for the summer 2013 the trends will be performed with the transparency. But be careful though, because transparent does not always mean ‘bare-skinned’. And the trends are sensual but not vulgar. Indeed, the look is elegant and refined for summer fashion 2013.

Transparent dress for summer fashion

Now for a few seasons, you will see that the trends are fashionable transparencies and the use of transparent clothing is becoming more creative than the previous time. The motto is ‘peek-a-boo’ (but mostly I do not see). For this summer trends we will see a lot of lace, tulle, chiffon and voile. And then also non-transparent fabrics – even as a skin – with perforated effect for a “see through” effect which is really sophisticated for women fashion trends 2013.

For the summer fashion trends 2013, the transparencies that the fashion designers bring are in various ways. For special occasions you can choose for a completely transparent look (wearing appropriate lingerie of course). For the day the designers have made a perfect combination between transparent and non-transparent garments.

But the real news for this season are the models wearing a little transparency clothing which you cannot see anything except a little skin and that are suitable for both the day and the evening. Then it also depends on the size of the transparency if the item is suitable for any occasions or not. That is always the rule that anything you wear must be stylish and ultra-chic. Just look at the pictures below to see the summer fashion 2013.

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