Summer 2014 sunglasses: tips to choose them properly

The sunglasses are now part of the essential and indispensable of our accessories, and the choice depends not only on the fact that they are beautiful to wear, but the benefits; they protect your eyes from UV rays and the skin around them. Moreover in this summer 2014, we should be smart to find the trendiest as well as the suitable one for daily eyewear. Discover with us some tips to choose the perfect one for you according to the models & celebrities look!

The choice must therefore be made, therefore, in the first place, taking into account the quality of the lenses, which must have a protective filter which you can read on the label or asking the optical specialist. When it relates to the form, the larger, the more they are able to protect the skin around the eyes, preventing or at least delaying the so-called “crow’s feet”.

Apart from the taste, everyone has a perfect pair of glasses, it will choose based on the shape of the face, the haircut and the color of the complexion. The choice is really wide, but often it becomes difficult to decide. Remember then the tips below to choose sunglasses properly according to your face, nose and hair:

Tips for picking sunglasses: cat eye sunglasses for square face

Square face:  that is face type with a large forehead and faces that narrows down to the chin; round and oval, even “cat eye” with bold colored frames is the ideal sunglasses for you. It will be well rounded and small frames. Don’t miss also the trendiest sunglasses frame: Gucci eyewear 2014 for men and women!

Finding suitable sunglasses: oversized sunglasses for oval face

Oval face:  a smooth face shape, you can afford to overlook wearing square, round or oversized glasses frame is recommended for effective contrast to the face curve.

Tips to choose sunglasses: oval glasses frame for diamond face

Long narrow face:  that is with a narrow forehead, wide cheeks and angular jaw lines or commonly called diamond face shape, the ideal form of glasses with rimmed and oval frames or sometimes “cat eye” with a strong brow line to enhance the facial look.

Tips to choose eyewear 2014: sunglasses frames for round face

Round face:  that is a face with a wide forehead and full cheekbones; to help the streamline of the face, so strong, angular, heart and square frames will perform a balance look. And here the new Ray Ban sunglasses collection 2014: eyewear trends for spring summer.

And more:

Choosing the right eyewear: sunglasses for big nose

Big nose:  green light to bulky glasses with thick frames.

Sunglasses tips: sunglasses frame for small nose

Small nose:  the perfect eyeglasses to match the complexion, wearing high on the nose, extending the form.

In addition:

Sunglasses tips 2014: sunglasses for long and voluminous hair

Long and voluminous hair:  the ideal thin frames and colored. The ideal forms are elongated: rectangular or oval.

Choosing the right sunglasses: eyewear for short hair

Short hair:  Follow the instructions on your face shape, you can also choose the bulkier models and original. Short hair, leaving the face uncovered allows accessorizing with more ease.

Not always the choice of sunglasses is simple to perform. Sometimes our tastes do not coincide with what actually could go along well or even help to change aspects of our face. If, for example, those women who have a round face shape, the same shape of the sunglasses certainly will not go well, as accentuate the roundness of the face. Well yes, the narrow and elongated forms.


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