Stradivarius handbags fall winter 2013 2014: available in various colors, styles and designs

Bags, bags and more bags! No woman ever gets tired of adding these trendy accessories to their collection. As for cherry, this bag led to another and there is always suitable one for any occasions. Knows as the brand of the violin, the fashion brand Stradivarius from Spain offers us numerous alternatives for the upcoming autumn and winter trends, finding solutions for every need and style.

Stradivarius handbags - Elegant shopping bag with pocket

We have already discovered all the new trends for women’s clothing collection offered by Stradivarius and now we’re ready to go into detail and delve into the world of Stradivarius women’s handbags fall winter 2013 2014. There we can find many interesting and eye-catching handbags models, among various designs of beautiful shopping bags, Stradivarius has managed to combine casual style with elegant designs and styles.  And in the case of the women’s shopping bag, it is combined in total black with handles which is available in limited edition, for more details it is designed with quality leather on the sides while the front and the rear are made ​​of polyurethane (€ 49.95). Another limited edition is the Stradivarius women’s shopping bag which is combined with handles, all made ​​of polyurethane with trendiest colors: cream on the front and on the back, burgundy sides (€ 39.95).

Ben women’s shopping bag look trendier with rigid pocket and external electric blue color and fun trapeze shape which are offered in special features, it is equipped with the handles and a shoulder strap for double use (29.95 EUR). For those who love a strong and contrast colors, the shopping bag with the rigid polyurethane handles and shoulder strap is available in two colors: electric blue and in dark blue on the side, or black and camel-colored side (29.95 €). Discover here what are the fashionable handbags for upcoming autumn and winter trends?

If you prefer smaller sizes or something unique for your special evenings, the ideal for you is the clutch with fancy printed in the back of the blue and light blue (19.95 €). Versatile also the elegant leather strap bag with jewel and camel color, 100% made of cow leather (59.95 €).

Whatever your choice is, find the news for the straps, tote or messenger bag from the famous brands like Chanel, Celine, Hermes or Gucci … Find with us the new proposals for handbags fall winter for you.

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