Stradivarius Casual Party LookBook Campaign 2014

After presenting its catalogue campaign entitled “IT’S WINTER,” Stradivarius introduces the latest LookBook called Casual Party; a collection dedicated to celebrate the festive days of the holiday season 2014-2015. One of the beloved Spain fashion labels comes up with several lines of awe-inspiring key styles of women’s glam chic outfits enlivened by comfy and trendy mood to brighten up the look at joyful evening parties. Well, discover here with us on Fashionbashon all the compelling pieces along with the price list detail of each item!

Stradivarius Casual Party LookBook Campaign 2014 2015

The newest arrivals Stradivarius Casual Party LookBook Campaign shows us a lot of stylish chic key ideas devoted to women who want to brighten up their evening look at joyous night parties of the holiday season 2014-2015. Several lines of glam, comfy and easy to wear outfits and must-have basic essentials, from one-piece suit, playful skirts and party dresses with sparkling sequins, cozy warm poncho jersey, classic elegant faux-fur jackets, boucle coats, cocooning knitwear, skinny-fit trousers, refined shorts, beanies to the statement ankle-boots, strap pumps, blucher shoes, designer cross-body bags and other striking accessories to enhance a distinguished chic mood during the cold months as well as to complete ladies’ winter wardrobe. Well, let’s find out all the breathtaking key looks along with the prices and feature details of the new Stradivarius catalogue!

Stradivarius Casual Party Collection 2014-2015: sequinned top jacquard jumpsuits

On the top of Stradivarius Casual Party LookBook Campaign we can see a seductive Jump Suit with Sequined Top (Price: £35.99) made of lightweight fabrics in elegant black with sparkling studs, delicate wide neckline, half open-back with tiny shoulder strap and stretched waist with loose-fit leg design. And for alternative, we find also a thought-provoking strapless Combined Jacquard Jumpsuit (£29.99) which is featuring geometric patterned glittery effect; both of them are provocative pieces and will be perfect to wear with a sumptuous glam Leather Biker Jacket (£89.99) or comfy long cardigan accompanied by the elegance of Court Shoes with Crossover Straps (£25.99) add and complete an ultra-feminine silhouette at evening party or any other important occasions on the holiday season 2014-2015. Don’t miss also the statement shoes and designer handbags or any other stunning accessories on Gucci Exclusive Holiday Gift Ideas For Women!

Stradivarius Casual Party Collection 2014-2015: jacquard dress, top & tube skirt

Another astonishing key style we find on Stradivarius Casual Party LookBook Campaign is the statement Off-The-Shoulder Jacquard Dress (Price: £35.99) in black with intriguing shiny effect geometric and stripes pattern, fitted waist with firmed flared skirt. And to liven up this flirty party dress, the brand also recommends its latest arrivals iconic accessories such as black Knitted-Hat (£7.99), mini bag (£7.99) in black with chain shoulder or cross-body strap, tassel and metal trim closure and the Ankle Boots (£49.99) with zip on side panel and fashion sole; all proposed to accentuate a totally glam yet cheerful statement in the evening. Another option shown on Stradivarius Casual Party collection is also a chunky patterned knit Wide Sleeve Jacket with Pockets (£25.99) to cover sumptuous pairing of Jacquard Crop Top (£17.99) and leather look Tube Skirt (£19.99); the ultra-modern vibe outfits with glam chic touch to go to cheerful night parties.

Stradivarius Casual Party Collection 2014-2015: cowl neck poncho jersey & faux-fur coat

Not just ends here, the Stradivarius Casual Party LookBook Campaign also comes up with cozy yet stylish Cowl Neck Poncho Jersey (Price: £29.99) in ecru white to match the glamorous Sequined Skirt (£19.99) in dark grey with elasticized waist and shiny sequins all-over; a comfy glam pairing to boost women’s every day style in the cold weather. To make fashion statement throughout this holiday season 2014-2015, you can also take a closer look to the urban mood in relaxed style through the soft and chunky Faux-Fur Coat (£49.99) with lapels, front button closure and double side pocket covering a stunning Shiny Top With Back Chain Detail (£15.99) in grey mélange and the High Rise Skinny Fit Jeans (£19.99) in black with 5-pocket add an original casual touch accompanied by seductive Basic High Heel Court Shoes (£25.99) with ankle strap in matching black. And here to find all the enchanting womenswear and accessories shown on the Sneak Preview of Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2015 Collection.

Stradivarius Casual Party Collection 2014-2015: cropped faux-fur jacket & boucle coat

Dedicated to enhance women’s evening look of the season, the Stradivarius Casual Party collection also shows a modern classic Cropped Faux-Fur Jacket (Price: £49.99) in lovely burgundy color to wear with a chic and sporty Cropped Top (£4.99) in white, High Rise Skinny Fit Jeans (£19.99) accomplished by a compelling accessory, Metallic Mesh Belt (£7.99); a stunning look through the mix of luxury and femininity touch at the same time. To give a distinguished touch to your outlook you can also combine the chunky wool and viscose blend fabric Bouclé Coat (£39.99) in black with the comfy cotton Jersey with Structured Front (£22.99) in white, the soft-tailored High Rise Jacquard Shorts (£19.99) in shades of black/grey and Lace Up Antik Leather Ankle Boots (£49.99) for a perfect warm, casual with a unique sense of minimalism girl.

That’s our selection or the most awe-inspiring key styles and innovative ideas to liven up your evening look with a distinctive informal mood. Stay here with Fashionbashon for the most provocative collections and catalogues brought by your beloved fashion labels and designers dedicated to the season’s must-have pieces on women’s wardrobe. Of course you won’t miss other sensuous outfits to browse and shop at official Stradivarius Casual Party LookBook Campaign!

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