Stradivarius autumn winter 2014 2015: clothing & accessories trends and key style inspirations

Stradivarius presents its new clothing collection autumn winter 2014 2015 with its trendy key styles that promises to be some of the most important touch of the next cold season. Let’s discover them through various intriguing looks and low cost of the new catalog.

Stradivarius collection autumn winter 2014 2015: boho chic

The young fashion label Stradivarius clothing for autumn winter 2014 2015 proposes some amazing look inspirations, with several glamorous Boho chic inspired styles, tribal look and flower mood that will make the cold season become more spectacular. Here are the details of the most interesting key styles and inspirations offered on the new collection and certainly at affordable price. Take a look also at the new collection of Liu Jo handbags fall winter 2014 2015 we have proposed a few days ago.

Bohemian style inspiration

Stradivarius collection autumn winter 2014 2015: fringed knit poncho

To get Boho chic look, black knitted poncho with fringes (£22.99) is the glamorous topwear for the cold season and it will be more stylish if paired with denim shorts with washed effect (£ 17.99) and for the footwear you can wear flat Roman sandals with glittering buckles detail (£19.99) and leather die-cut belt (£5.99) will be trendier accessories.

Stradivarius collection autumn winter 2014 2015: transparent yoke shirt

As an alternative Boho chic inspired style, for the topwear you can also opt for the black sleeveless shirt with transparent yoke (£15.99) and the skinny fit jeans (£25.99) with washed effect or leather trim will add casual touch to the Bohemian look completed with accessories such as fringed brown leather messenger bag (£19.99), on the foot, the wedge sandal can give feminine and fabulous look.

Tribal look inspiration

Stradivarius collection autumn winter 2014 2015: top with fringes

For Tribal inspired look, Stradivarius autumn winter 2014 2015 collection has several choices of clothing and accessories; printed top with fringes detail on the chest (£19.99), perfect to match the style is A-line skirt (£17.99) and wooden heeled sandals (£25.99) adds more elegant and feminine touch. Fringes detail is one of the biggest must for trendy look in the cold season, and for fall winter 2014 2015 Stradivarius suede bag with fringes (£12.99) is among the must-have accessories especially if you want a trendier Tribal look.

Flower mood inspiration

Stradivarius collection autumn winter 2014 2015: floral print dress

Flower is one of the symbols to embody the feminine look, and once again feminine look inspiration characterized by flower mood and sober colors. First item recommended by Stradivarius is bright soft yellow as you can find on the asymmetrical cut floral printed dress with frill detail (£29.99), to add youthful touch to your style, you can also choose glam eyewear; round frame glasses with mirror lenses (£9.99) that you can paired with other accessories like feminine necklaces, bracelets or other items. And to adorn your feet, you can also choose yellow cork wedge sandals with straps (£29.99). And here to see Stacy Martin for Miu Miu fall winter 2014 2015 campaign by Steven Meisel!

Those are some key styles and inspirations proposed on the collection of Stradivarius autumn winter 2014 2015 for those who want to look a little different in the next cold season, which style will be your look in the next fall winter season?

Among those items we presented today, there are still many other fashion collection, you can directly browse and shop on official Stradivarius new clothing collection!

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