Storage Solution For Cell Phones Too Large for Small Pockets

Since 2007 it took five years for the average cell phone screen size to increase from 3 inches to four inches and just another two years to move the average up to the current five inch screen. The average is moving up due to the popular iPhone 6 Plus at 5.5 inches and the Samsung Note 4 at 5.7 inches. Consumers are demanding larger phones but often regret their decision because pocket sizes aren’t keeping up with phone dimensions.

The Left Coast Hipssister

Hips-Sister is the solution for the problem of squeezing too big a phone into too-tight jeans. The Hips-Sister is a band of durable stretch material with flush pockets that fits snugly around the hips to keep valuables secure and close to the body. The Left Coast sister ($24.99) has a five inch band with a front secret top loading pocket ideal for cell phone storage that accommodates the largest models on the market today. The pocket stretches to hold the added depth of the phone with one of the new shells that provide extra battery power.

According to Hips-Sister founder Sonia Kenner, “I created hips-Sister to keep my valuables including my cell close and eliminate the need for awkward handbags while I exercise and go about my day. It allows me to live life hands-free and worry free because I know my hips-Sister stays with me wherever I go.”

To reduce harmful cell phone emissions, Kenner recommends the Hips-Sister Cell Phone Shield ($7.99) with special material that minimizes exposure while enabling full phone functionality.

The hips-Sister Cell Phone Shield

All hips-Sister products are available from the online shop at To learn more about hips-Sister visit For further information contact Larry Hotz (954) 457-4749 or [email protected]

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