Some tips to recognize the original Gucci bags

We’ve given you some advice, especially with regard to online shopping, providing brief guide on how to recognize an original bags design. We did about a few models signed by Chanel and Louis Vuitton, today we want to give you a brief guide on how to avoid buying fake Gucci bags.

Logo and patterns for original Gucci bags

How to shop for original Gucci handbags? There are some valuable tips to follow that are sufficient to understand if the bag that we face is authentic or if it is one of the many copies that unfortunately populate the counterfeit market.

First of all, always remember that the authentic Gucci bags are not found on the black market or outside selected stores. The main problem remains the online store springing up like weeds, and very often they are not resellers of original products. The price is another factor related to this; make sure to be able to buy original Gucci handbags under a minimum amount of € 400 with rare exceptions. Take a look at the pictures of the parade Gucci menswear spring summer 2013 at Milan Fashion Week and discover what will be trendy for the next season collection.

Check the Serial Number and Card Controller. Like all handbags designs, even Gucci have a serial number inside label that contains two numeric strings that identify the model. Check it out and make sure that there is a serial number different for each bag, but all the bags of a particular model, will undoubtedly have the same serial number, which makes easier the identification of an original.

So if you are able to evaluate the serial number of the bag that we want to buy, you could simply call or go in person to a Gucci boutique for a test based on the code inside the bag.

If in the bag instead of the serial number is not present, forget it, you probably provided for a fake one. Or just do a comparison between the photo of the fake serial code with that of an authentic Gucci to realize that both the numbers of the first and the second string of numbers are different. Often there are some larger or made ​​with different fonts, in other cases the eye can also fall out of an arrangement of numbers is not precisely symmetrical or constant, for example, and is very common in most of the false, the space between a is the other number is different or maybe a number is decentralized than the other. Each bag Gucci also has its Card Controller which contains a numeric string (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0), which certifies that the product has passed the quality control.

Check the seams of the bag. An authentic Gucci bag will have no differences between the colors of the leather or fabric and yarn that weld seams. If there are variations between the color of the stitching and the material of the bag, it is definitely a fake.

The logo must be placed in an orderly manner, printed on fabric or symmetrically positioned at the center of the authentic Gucci bag. The letter G does not have to look like nothing but the classic initial luxury brands made ​​in Italy.

The Gucci handbags are always sold with their breathable protective pouch that protects it when we carry or we put in the closet. It will never be a plastic bag or nylon wraps on an original Gucci handbags.

Make sure that the inner lining of the bag is fully extended and there exists a leather tag with the logo applied with meticulous stitching.

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