Some simple tips to make a knitted bracelet

Knitted silver pearl bracelet

Let’s see step by step how to make a bracelet without the use of special techniques, but easily achievable reeds from someone who has never had to deal with such work. Arm yourself as we do for all crafts a lot of patience and choose a well-lit room.

1. Prepare about 40 cm of wire threaded with silver pearls, obsidian beads interspersed with half-crystal, Let the row of pearls hanging from the spool. The bracelet is formed by two turns of wire and pearls of the same length, joined by a point from time to time. With the crochet hook made a shirt made of a chain of wire and beads, alternate.

2. To achieve this, linked to slot the wire, insert the hook into the slot and engaged with the hook wire was free, pulling it out from the slot to form a new shirt. Continue the first round by calculating the length depending on the size of your wrist, put the big black pearl and back. Proceed as before.

3. As a last step, Hook in with the crochet hook to the first shirt at intervals of 3 cm. Arrived at the end of the bracelet, close the chain with a knot and cut about 5 cm of wire. Inserted in the wire the glass beads and black Now close all the slot-shaped with a node. Your bracelet is ready.