Soft and comfortable women’s clothing: Stefanel collection 2013 2014

Great choice for softness of the wool material offered by Stefanel protagonist collection 2013 2014, the knitting woven in addition to a large mix of colors and shapes. Maxi cardigan, pullover oversized jackets, long dresses and trousers with 5 pockets, heads warm and comfortable Stefanel catalog always find a way to communicate with glamorous style.

Stefanel collection 2013 2014 - Soft knitted sweater

Stefanel collection 2013 2014 is the most important trends of the season as the tapestry prints with retro cut flowers from the oversize (jackets, pullovers, cardigans). The most successful clothing trends for winter season are now known to all, from the dark colors of ecological.

You can see various women’s wear collections on the gallery below and will be captivated by Stefanel collection. For the outerwear there are nice varieties: blazers, leather jackets, coats, trench coats, pea coats, capes. If the blazer is long, exhausted and made ​​precious by applications along the neck, leather jackets pay homage to the style biker. No shortage of wool capes, capes in dark tones, especially the black and duvets (see also Liu Jo collection) in various colors, such as purple.

Stefanel collection 2013 2014 - Clothing jackets and shorts

For the cardigan, it should be given the title of “Chief Stefanel” excellently; these can be long or short cardigans. Stefanel, in fact, puts forward its proposal for the winter jackets and wool cardigan instead of the heavier coats. Among the variants appear even more intense shades such as purple, yellow and red. Other cornerstones of the Stefanel collection 2013 2014 are the classic sheath dresses and long dress ribbed or with military details, wool and cashmere. The pants are the most basic, 5 pockets and skinny (some models are smooth velvet), skirts, however, play on shapes and slightly flared wheel. Definitely out from the pack a few pieces of silk as the olive-green jumpsuit, printed minidress.

The gray, from light to dark color, tinged warm and refined and many of the leaders of Stefanel catalog 2013 2014. With sweaters can range from the most classical to the ribbed and twisted, alongside gray, make their appearance the colors red, powder pink, midnight blue and black .

The character of the new Stefanel collection is clear and intriguing. The dark colors, especially black, enjoying a certain privilege; the casual and elegant style for a dynamic woman.

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