Women’s sneakers and shorts trends for spring 2014

What are the trends in spring 2014? Here we bring you 2 types of fashion outfits that will give trendier look especially to wear during this spring summer: Sneakers and Bermuda shorts. Well, here we will talk about them separately.

womens shoes & shorts trends 2014 collection

Sneakers for spring 2014 trends

It seemed that the sneakers section of the glorious revolution sport dedicated to footwear-retreat to enjoy a well deserved slumber during the spring. Your profile does not seem to have closed much chance of success versus sandals and ballerinas, but the casual rebellion an ace up its sleeve: the slip on.

With a clean structure, a smooth sole and a simple canvas only interrupted by a pair of side elastic bands to fit the feet, infinitely more comfortable to apply and remove with a more minimalist aesthetic of the shoes running, the slip on this spring become the best alternative to continue on the path of footwear sport. And for more trendier look you can also choose shoes and bags of Louboutin summer collection 2014!

Large luxury brands have included several models slips on in their accessory collections for spring 2014 trends: from Givenchy to Saint Laurent or Lanvin. All have customized the shoe star of the season according to their own DNA. Here you will find the best shopping and looks from street style most inspiring last chapter of the sport revolution.

The return of Bermuda shorts

First came the long skirts and midi now seizes the most sophisticated shorts of the season. Each new season brings innovative garments and others that are less so but reinvent themselves to live a new peak. Regarding the collection of pants shorts spring 2014 trends, already staged the summers of the late 90’s and early 2000, and now become harder than ever to put a sophisticated point-to summer outfit including suit outfits. And its summer garment par excellence, who took the name of the idyllic British Isles, has earned the epithet of force must-have. Here you can check out the catalog swimwear BLUGIRL for summer 2014!

Once again, to place them in the spotlight you can see the collection of the designers from the leading firms. Some, like Jil Sander, Emilio Pucci and Tommy Hilfiger, have declined in the key sport; others, such as J. Crew or Gianfranco Ferré, have opted for the more elegant side; and there are also Asian-inspired such as Jonathan Saunders. Regarding the instructions, you have to take into account the need to achieve the balance, the collection of sandals with heel and platform for spring 2014 trends will be the best complement to lengthen the Figure. Moreover, one cropped-top will touch 100% summer while sobriety brings a necessary jacket in the day.

Nautical style with tropical prints, stripes suede or gauze. Here are the shorts and so they carry in their version ‘low cost’.

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