Skinny Tie Madness – Rock Your Holidays with Fashion!

Black Friday just got even sweeter. Skinny Tie Madness is creating madness by offering their must-have menswear for only $9.99! Take a look at any male star and fashion icon and they are making statements with their skinny ties. Men look sharp, sleek, stylish, and sexy with this years hottest holiday accessory.

Trendy Colorful Men’s Skinny Tie for Holiday Season 2015-2016

Your look will go from dull to JAW-DROPPING with on our finely crafted and oh-so popular products. At 2″ wide and the tie standard of 58″ long, a small piece makes a BIG statement. Ladies, this is THE gift for any guy in your life. Turn your man into a trendy piece of arm candy this holiday season. As Skinny Tie Madness likes to say, “A tie is a win for more than one person.”

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Skinny Tie Madness was founded in 2012 by Parth Sharma when he became frustrated with the lack of tie options in stores. He dedicated himself to building a skinny tie brand that focused on bright colors, edgy prints and a large variety of styles.

The must-buy ties from Skinny Tie Madness this holiday season include:

Blue Linen Dry Dreams Skinny Tie Madness

Dry Dreams

Our blue linen skinny tie is finely crafted with a brushed cotton finish. Impress your co-workers with this one at your next holiday office party. It comes with a 1.25″ tie clip.

Red Gingham Plaid Human Pyramid Fail Skinny Tie Madness

Human Pyramid Fail

This red gingham plaid skills tie is great for weddings, work, hot dates, and cocktail hour. This also comes with a 1.25″ tie clip.

Old Fashioned Fondle Plaid Skinny Tie Madness

Old Fashioned Fondle

CAUTION: This one will have people staring! It looks THAT good. The 100% cotton, multi-colored, plaid tie will make any outfit POP.

Red Print Bandana Bandit Skinny Tie Madness

Bandana Bandit

Who doesn’t love a great bandana?! Well now you can wear a red one as a tie, 1.25″ tie clip included. Wearing your Bandana Bandit tie as a bandana is highly encouraged!

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Fashionable Printed Tie for Men of the Season

All Skinny Tie Madness products are fine-crafted, durable and easy to care for. While they will have you looking like a model, these ties are not high maintenance.

Skinny Tie Madness’s Black Friday sale goes from Friday, Nov. 27 –  Monday, Nov. 30

$9.99 for all Skinny Tie Madness ties. Shipping is free, no spending limit and no code required.

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