Skincare Enthusiasts Be Skin Host Reveal the Natural Remedies for Combatting Acne

A new infographic from the team behind dedicated skincare platform Be Skin Host, gives those suffering from acne some hope. Revealing the best natural remedies and how to use the each one, the fast-growing content provider aims to help those affected by the common skin complaint. Publishing original, in-depth content on skincare every week, newly launched Be Skin Host is amassing a legion of subscribers that are eager to get the brand’s latest updates.

Be Skin Host Reveals Natural Remedies for Combating Acne

In the US acne is the most common skin condition, affecting up to 50 million people across the country. For teens and young adults, the issue affects a huge 85% of people at least on a minor level. Recognizing how the condition not only affects appearance but can have an impact on self-image too, Be Skin Host have created a handy infographic of the ten best herbs that can be used to fight acne. Among the steps that are simple to integrate into everyday beauty routines is a lemon steam clean once a week to remove dirt and oil build up, using beetroot to create a system cleanser, and using garlic to speed up the healing process.

Cindy Warren, CEO of Be Skin Host, said, “When you have acne people are willing to try anything to get the clear, fresh complexion they’re after. But it often means using products that are filled with harsh chemicals that don’t meet expectations. Natural herbs can provide better results, helping to create that natural, glowing look everyone wants. The Be Skin Host infographic is all about giving people the information they need and the steps that could really make a difference to their skin.”

Be Skin Host post several in-depth pieces of content every week, creating a vast catalogue of guides, product reviews, and much more relating to skincare. Launched at the beginning of the year, the brand is already seeing its newsletter delivering all the latest updates direct to inboxes and growing subscriber numbers. From the best pure lavender oils to use on skin to how make-up can affect the complexion, there’s a diverse range of articles on Be Skin Host, helping it to become a vital source of information.

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