New Sisley Spring Summer 2014 collection: the new look for men and women

In the new Sisley Spring Summer 2014 collection every woman who feels polyhedral there he sees himself. Personalities are so different expression in Sisley’s clothes: the ultra-feminine woman, sensual or more androgynous.

Sisley Spring Summer 2014 ad campaign

A battery of looks, sexy, urban and contemporary mark the warm days of spring summer 2014 cuts and shapes up to date with innovative fabrics and richness of detail and workmanship make it unique the new Sisley collection. Because the style will be suitable for all people, it should be fresh and smart and Sisley knows how to do this very well.

Some of the look of the new Sisley Spring Summer 2014 collection will not pass unnoticed:

Sisley Spring Summer 2014 collection: Sisley campaign red

From full blazer with red trousers in geometric patterns and contrasts in black, followed by the mid-season coat in electric blue worn with a mini dress lingerie effect (also Silvian Heach for Spring Summer 2014 focuses on mini-dress) or with the rock look made ​​to perfection by the pencil skirt with printed tee paired with white and gold black nail. They are listed among the outfits that do not miss the white trench coat with belt and contrasts in black, very ladylike, worn with pants with geometric print, the combination of blazer and shirt in black and white with denim shorts with turn-ups. Don’t miss our previous selection of Furla Candy Bag Spring Summer 2014!

Sisley Spring Summer 2014 collection: Lindsey Wixson for sisley

The look of the new Sisley Spring Summer 2014 collection is the leisure outfits is also presented besides other more formal wear. The mood of the proposal Sisley is urban-chic (as for the man parade Givenchy 2014-2015), masculine touch to her modern and dandy for him. The blazer, the hot pants, the optical prints, vests asymmetric and soft lines are cult pieces of spring summer by Sisley. The colors range from red to electric blue, from fuchsia to yellow, with the inevitable black and white shaded version or with the addition of glitter gold and silver, the floral patterns and stripes to complete.

The mini dresses are made of silk, lace and macramé. The Sisley collection seems to have an inspiration 90s ago that its fringes, scarves, prints and wedges.

The advertising campaign for a glimpse of a pretty clear choice: the colors are strong, almost blinding, with the deep red and blue in the head.

For the Spring Summer 2014 ad campaign Sisley chooses an exceptional cast: the fashion icon Julia Restoin Roitfeld, the top model Clément Chabernaud, the pair of talented fashion model Lindsey Wixson and Reuben Ramacher. The scene, we would say meta-theatrical exhibition models engaged in a photo shoot. The photographer of the campaign, shot in New York, Sebastian Faena is a creative young Argentine who, with his talent, says the philosophy and key points of the brand: sexiness, unconventional and contemporary aesthetics.Check out also Zara shoes spring summer 2014 collection!

A New York hedonist and glossy ago, therefore, the background to the new campaign for spring-summer 2014 Sisley in the foreground with the lives of two couples, young and famous, and besieged by a busy life by celebrities, properly gold.

The beautiful model Julia Restoin Roitfeld and Clément Chabernaud reflect the hypermodern beauty. Both are models with fashionable style; a good dose of style mixed with rock chic style gives rise to a cocktail that fully depicts the glamor of the French, the top in terms of sensuality. He, French supermodel, has a refined and edgy look.

In the other pair Lindsey Wixson is the new model of feminine beauty: fleshy mouth, baby face, a defect between her front teeth that made the success of Madonna and Lauren Hutton. Reuben Ramacher is a sexy Australian model with blue eyes, his style is distinctly androgynous.

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