Shopping of the week: H & M, Stradivarius, Zara & Suiteblanco summer sale 2014

With so many sales offered by the most loved world’s leading brands in this summer 2014, here I made a review about shopping of the week on my 4 favorite brands that offer its precious summer sales; H & M, Stradivarius, Zara & Suiteblanco.

Shopping of the week: H & M, Stradivarius, Zara & Suiteblanco

As I already planned before, which currently I don’t have any plans to buy anything in the first sale. I know I have great needs and prefer to wait a little time to see the final prices. I’ve been tinkering for online Zara store in Andorra, the brand already has the sale price, but it does not promise too much… Discover also our previous tips: 5 key styles to wear dresses this summer, H & M Summer Dresses 2014!

Shopping of the week: H&M lilac suede skirt

What’s new for our favorite stores? Although many offers can be found on H & M summer sales, nothing to do with reality. Some of the special items that are in my closet are from the Swedish firm. The problem is that how to get them but i have to pay a little more. . Today I bring several examples; one of them is the lilac suede skirt which is priced at $129 and $39.95 for a patterned skirt made of woven fabric. The jacquard weave skirt in neon yellow also make me fall in love but there are too many yellow dress on wardrobe, maybe I’ll grab it next time, this skirt is priced at $49.95. For more comparing prices, check out also Desigual summer sales 2014 we have published in our previous topic!

Shopping of the week: Zara Guipure strappy jumpsuit

Not much to scratch in Zara, little items can be selected on the new collection and nothing really interesting. But looking calmly I found two items to consider. A guipure strappy jumpsuit in Khaki green priced at $99 that we had already seen in white and I like to copy the cowboy style that we can see the look of Nieves Alvarez’s Street style; the denim vest is priced at $ 29.99. (Now I need to copy of those dancers by Valentino J).

Shopping of the week: Suiteblanco envelope flap flowers bag

Suiteblanco has been one of the next brands to hang your rebates and gradually the store is becoming empty. To compensate for anything better than a lot of clothes and accessories new season. So I took an envelope raffia bag with embroidered flowers (€ 22.99) and a tweed dress with lace and transparencies (€17.99).

Shopping of the week: Stradivarius knitted poncho with fringe

And to complete the list of my favorite brands for shopping of the week, a quick visit to Stradivarius. A knitted poncho with fringe and a suede bag also with fringe detail for the perfect chic boho look. And  to complete your look how about the accessories trends offered on Moscot vintage sunglasses for summer 2014?

And here what I can tell you about my shopping of the week on my 4 favorite brands with their interesting summer sales. What’s your idea … have you planned something special to shop for this weekend? Good weekend to all and enjoy if you are on holiday!

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