Shopping for original women’s shoes made in USA

Want to know the best place to shop for a wide range of fashionable shoes for women? Pleaser USA was founded in 1993 as an importer and distributor of urban fashion footwear.

Pleaser ROUGE-601 embedded lipstick heel Sandals for Women

Over the last few years the company has evolved specializing in the production of original shoes for the needs of alternative lifestyles, going to meet the demand of consumers looking for footwear unconventional but high quality.

The production is divided into several distinctive footwear brands: PLEASER, BORDELLO, LUCIOUS, DEMONIA, DEVIOUS, PIN UP COUTURE and FUNTASMA which are distinguished in the fields of sexy, glam, retro, rockabilly, fetish, Gothic, punk and Renaissance.

PLEASER: Sensual, trendy, exciting

The Pleaser line is a historical collection of the American company. These are the adjectives most suitable to describe the essence of the brand Pleaser footwear. The attention to detail, fine materials, innovative design and interesting prices have contributed to the unprecedented success of the brand Pleaser fashion shoes for the latest fashionable footwear trends and professionals of the show.

The Pleaser shoes appear frequently on the covers of fashion magazines and are often worn by movie star in many Hollywood films. For this you can safely say that today Pleaser is undoubtedly one of the most famous brands for the trendiest footwear and shoes for women in the world!

BORDELLO: Intrigue, desire, passion

BORDELLO is a tantalizing and trendy footwear brand, created by the manufacturer of footwear Pleaser USA to celebrate the essence of femininity. Create by U.S. designers specifically for the performer of burlesque shows, BORDELLO shoes for women today are the ideal choice for all women who want to wear at the foot of a refined style and retro sensuality outside the box. With ornate details and other details, including a series of shimmering glitter, rhinestones and lace, boots and shoes are the perfect complement BORDELLO of colorful and extravagant costumes and theatrical disguises, especially for burlesque performances.

FUNTASMA: Devilishly fun, mischievously playful, irresistibly sexy

The line of FUNTASMA shoes, the flagship of the prestigious shoe company Pleaser USA is a footwear collection that caters specifically to those who are preparing for a disguise original themed events and costume parties. FUNTASMA offers a wide selection of shoes and boots suitable for children, teens, men and women. With very different styles, depending on the type of disguise with which you plan to match them, FUNTASMA is the most natural and enjoyable enhancement of any gown used for Halloween, Christmas, Carnival, masquerade ball, and Carnival festivities.

PIN UP COUTURE: Classic, chic and timeless

PIN UP COUTURE is a line of shoes produced by PLEASER USA inspired by vintage fashion and retro style. The collection attempts to recreate the canons of taste of the forties, fifties and sixties, focusing on the factors that have made the memorable imagination of all of us. Among glamour, generous shapes and pastel colors, the PIN UP COUTURE shoes evoke an idea of femininity waiting to be rediscovered, up from the original packaging of women footwear trends, colorful and imaginative, with a style that has defined the strictly high heel with an essential feature.

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