Say Sayoñara to Sweat Stains with Nudy Patooty!

Say Sayoñara to Sweat Stains Ruining Stylish Outfits This Holiday Season with Revolutionary Solution for Women! Nudy Patooty offers charming undershirts made of luxe yet comfortable fabrics and materials in various choices of colors.

Nudy Patooty Luxuriously Soft Undershirts for Women

Fashion is glitz and glamour but it takes only one thing to ruin an outfit — and consequently, the day: an unplanned, unforeseen sweat stain. Then familiar thoughts run through your head like clockwork: Has anybody noticed? Is my blouse ruined? How much will this cost to clean?

Nudy Patooty Cap Sleeve Undershirt in Nude with Lace Trim

Nudy Patooty is a line of high-tech tailored undershirts for women that tackles the problem of sweat stains, pit on. Made of certified organic bamboo fabric, each Nudy Patooty undershirt boasts Dual Dry technology to wick away sweat under the arms, so stains never happen in the first place. The ultra-soft bamboo fabric — also eco-friendly and sustainable — also helps regulate body temperatures unlike other camisoles that don’t breathe at all.

Nudy Patooty Short Sleeve Undershirt in Black with Underarm Coverage

Feel fresh and confident in any outfit with Nudy Patooty’s luxuriously soft undershirts. Choose from a number of feminine styles, to fit any body and taste, that can be worn inconspicuously under lightweight fabrics. It even feels better than wearing nothing! The comfortable base layer hides lumps and bumps and gently smoothes the figure, while extending the life of outer garments.

Nudy Patooty also saves time and money! Dry-cleaning is time consuming and expensive — not to mention hard on clothes — and perspiration and antiperspirant stains can be permanently damaging.

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As with any other undergarment, just toss the Nudy Patooty in the wash when it’s dirty, and save your silks — and dry cleaning budget — for another day. Think about it: You wouldn’t go commando down there. Why the double standard up top? #Sweathappens.

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Nudy Patooty is a leader in innovative undershirt solutions for women and the first-to-market these revolutionary solutions.  This unique new product line also makes great stocking stuffers for those conscientious fashion lovers on the holiday list! Styles and prices range from $46 to $56.

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