Reasons why we look forward to the marriage of Jennifer Aniston

Reasons why we look forward to the marriage of Jennifer Aniston

It seems that finally we do the Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux to tie the right wedding rumors after the Oscars ensure that the happy event will take place in March. The time course is top secret, but we are already in anticipation! But why the marriage of the former Friends of Rachel is a long-awaited event? Here are all the reasons!

DRESS – Some people rumored that Jen chose a Lanvin dress, one of her favorite fashion houses, but besides the fact that there is no confirmation, there is not even a clue on the model!

HAIRSTYLE – The Pitt marriage with Jennifer sported a casual hairstyle dissolved, what will you do now? We know that the cuts are immediately Aniston trend GOSSIP – What rumors circulate around the wedding? Fly talk about alleged betrayal or everything go smoothly? – It will probably stolen shots because it is said that the ceremony will be done in private, with only a small group of friends BRAD PITT – And finally, after this marriage would feel blessed to hear about every 3 to 4 months of a flashback between Brad and Jen!

WRINKLES – Aniston is 44 years old, wanting to be naughty like to know if we will do anything to hide his age and look like a young bride or if you opt for a natural makeup LOCATION – But what will be the location chosen by the couple? Perhaps Malibu can be different choice for marriage with Pitt

REFRESH – Even the catering is great curiosity: a traditional menu or something more unusual like sushi? INVITED – Who will be invited their Hollywood friends? Since this depends on the level of glamor that will reach the ceremony TEARS – And above all, the bride move you as it did on TV at the mere mention her beloved?