Razzie Awards 2013: discover the worst movies of the year

Return the Razzie Awards 2013, with prizes and surprises for the worst actors of the last season.

Razzie Awards 2013 - discover the worst movies of the year

Punctual as return each year, twenty-four hours before Oscar Night 2013, the Razzies Awards 2013 ready to award prizes worst of the year. Ranked first for winning all winnable The Twilight Saga with Breaking Down the second part, we can see on the podium beloved Kristen Stewart and the entire cast of the saga, the pair Mackenzie Foy and Taylor Lautner, director Bill Condon and screenwriter David Caspe. Another gem? Awarded a “precious statuette” the queen of pop Rihanna.

Kristen Steward and Robert Pattinson - Twilight Saga - Breaking down

precious statuette - Rihanna

But it does not end here. Among them were Adam Sandler with “Guess why I hate you.” Did you expect? click on the banner to discover the rewards of the Razzie Awards 2013.