Pull & Bear winter 2013 2014 catalog: trendier and warmer look on the cold season

Whenever Pull & Bear decides to launch a new catalog, every fashion lover of this Spanish retailer is keeping an eye. So here is the new look of the cold season: Pull & Bear winter 2013 2014 catalog, the selection of WINTER WARMERS catalog is a must for those who want always get the trendiest look through the colors, styles and designs that are purposed for the winter trends. And for this cold season, coats, knitted sweatshirt and thick woolen jackets take a center stage in this new catalog. The trends are interspersed with the clothes of a lifetime making the greatest result. Moreover, it will not let you clouding the view and think with a cool head, what do you really need?

Pull & Bear winter 2013 2014 catalog - Trendy jacquard jacket

For more trifles not only need warm clothes to protect you from the cold of the winter, you need a warmer wool sweater to help you retain the cold. The problem comes when we combine it with dresses: the formula does not fit and opted for cold die than lose their glamor. But for these situations, it is best to opt for woolen jacket, so the dresses do not lose their grace and we can still sheathe the coat. News that you cannot miss: Eleonora Carisi for Zalando spring 2014.

The perfect coat of the season

Even if it’s cold, one loses the north by the coats. It seems that every season the collection tries to find the perfect one to accompany and protect you through the cold days. This year my eyes melt by versions emblazoned with pictures. Vintage tartan type, (almost) all options are good. Check out also our selection of Desigual shoes spring summer 2014!

Even if you do not want to waste your money, knowing that in a couple of years this garment will be delegated to the back of the closet, we can choose smooth models playing with textures and shapes. From the trendiest Pull & Bear winter 2013 2014 catalog, you can choose a trendy cable stitch Jersey sweater to match the woolen biker coat to protect you from the cold. What do you think?

The must-have collection to keep in mind on the Pull and Bear Winter 2013 2014 catalog

I think it’s clear that’s why I like this new catalog: the eye-catching knitted wear, biker coats and trendy winter jacket that are suitable to be combined with jeans, short or even long skirts. Although sometimes I have to be honest with myself and stop thinking about what I like to make way for what would really need. That’s where plain dark coats and take part in role.

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