Prajje 1983 Gofundme Campaign Featuring Haitian Artisans

Introducing Prajje 1983 Gofundme Campaign – The artists collaborate with chief designer Prajje Jean-Baptiste for the new culturally inspired collection. Combining culture and fashion, the designer announces his collaboration with Haitian Artisans for the next collection distinguished by luxurious and exotic styles for women.

Luxurious and Exotic Styles for Women By Prajje Jean Baptiste

Prajje Jean-Baptiste, originally from Haiti, had never showcased his work in his native country, until last year.  In December 2014, he returned to Haiti for the first time since leaving as a teenager and presented a major fashion exhibition in Petion-Ville.

While in Haiti, the idea for a new collection was born; inspired by two of Haiti’s most mystical goddesses ” Erzulie Dantor and Erzulie Freda.” For this collection, Prajje will work with Haitian artisans to explore embroidery, beading, and colors unique to the country.

Prajje Jean Baptiste for the New Culturally Inspired Collection

The objective is to create a collection made in Haiti from start to finish and help boost the economy of this poverty stricken country. His GoFundMe campaign will help jumpstart that initial collaborative effort.

Prajje is set to showcase his new collection at the fourth annual Haitian Fashion Week in the fall, and will be making a presentation of the collection to buyers globally at the international MAGIC apparel show in Las Vegas, August 17-19, 2015.

His GoFundMe campaign is the culmination of his wish to collaborate with Haitian artists and creative minds to build a business that mutually benefits its participants; drawing on the rich culture that has inspired him since the beginning.

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