Prada men’s clothing spring summer 2015 collection: the elegance of sobriety colors

It has walked in these days the new Prada men’s clothing spring summer 2015 collection in an attractive environment made ​​up of concentric steps in brown carpet around an expanse of blue water. Here are the pictures and the main features of the new collection preview for you.

Prada men’s clothing spring summer 2015 menswear collection

There was, as always when it comes to parades Prada, intense waiting to find out what would be the mood of the new collection of Miuccia. The highlight detail in this new collection of men’s clothing is definitely the profiling views in contrast with the color of the garment that we find in the different proposals, similar to the blue jeans, but with a refined touch that is expressed by a nostalgic retro mood. The contrasting seams of jackets and pants are revealed as the most powerful source of this new collection as to contain the same head, as if to define the boundaries of men’s fashion.

Prada men’s clothing spring summer 2015 leather jackets

The color palette chosen by Prada for the new spring summer 2015 menswear collection is irresistible: different shades of brown, gray, green and blue are featured in the new season that are more reminiscent of the cold period that the summer. The leaders who make up the new collection that has marched in Milan Fashion Week are sophisticated coats and jackets with its soft v-neck, pullover with turtleneck and pants in different models, a perfect combination of male clothing. Miuccia said at the end of the catwalk his desire to bring back the focus on professionalism, employing a style that screamed less in this period seems the most appropriate.

Prada men’s clothing spring summer 2015 sobriety colors

The complete masculine look, the new collection Prada men’s clothing spring summer 2015 are enriched with a blue shirt in contrasting colors very stylish, which alternate shirts with geometric prints fantasy. Take a look also at the new collection of Hackett men’s outfit for spring summer 2015 we proposed that in these days of the fashion runways.

Prada men’s clothing spring summer 2015 dark blue menswear

The shoes prevalent in the new men’s collection for spring summer 2015 Prada sandals are easy, braided and colored to be worn with nonchalance which is flanked footwear style as classic and traditional lace-ups and loafers in soft calfskin. Among the accessories shown off, the men’s sunglasses with red lenses that show square shape. Discover also the previous collection for spring summer 2015 Moschino men’s fashion catwalk we have presented in the past few days.

Prada men’s clothing spring summer 2015 sweatshirt collection

In conjunction with the event Milano Moda Uomo on the same catwalk paraded as some leaders of the women’s collection of Prada spring / summer 2015, similar look in texture and style to the man that we show in these pictures.

Prada men’s clothing spring summer 2015 trench coat

The Italian brand Prada is recently focusing a lot on center of Europe and it shows with the opening of a large flagship store in Vienna, which will be followed by the end of this year from another store in the Austrian city of Salzburg.

Prada men’s clothing spring summer 2015 grey outfit

In these pictures you can see a preview of the new Prada menswear collection for next spring and summer 2015 has marched in Milan Fashion Week, and now we look forward to in stores next year. In the meantime, of course we will keep you updated with all the latest news and products on this collection Prada for next season as they further details will be revealed.

Prada men’s clothing spring summer 2015 denim jacket

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