Plus size models for the latest trends of swimsuits collection 2013

The women are no longer obsessed with super skinny body that displayed a lot of models on the runway. Now healthy and proportional body becomes popularity. It was recognized by the fashion label H & M. for their latest swimsuit collection, not a model with a tall and slender body they choose. Precisely models tend to be large and plump.

Plus size models for the latest trends of swimsuits

Jennie Runk, 23 years models selected H & M to show off their latest fashion of swimsuits collection 2013. For many people, this is an extraordinary thing. H & M featuring Jennie with a bandage swimsuit and also for the bikini too. Great body with waistline and hips are almost as it did not cover her beauty. In fact, with the right clothes from H & M, Jennie’s body looks beautiful and sexy wearing swimsuit.

Not only in the world of model, the celebrities began to show a positive example in terms of keeping the body shape. We can take a look into the popular celebrities like the Kim Kardashian, Adele and Christina Aguileracelebrity with sexy and healthy body and those who are now become icon models for all the young girls. “A lot of the reason people reject models with super skinny body type at this time. Unlike before when advertisers determine the standard of beauty. IN the present, those who have smartphones can criticize everything. There are a lot of media to voice their opinions – Facebook, Twitter – When they are not like one thing, they would talk. Instead the company should hear,” Bethany Marshall, a psychotherapist from Beverly Hills explained.

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